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February 28, 2013

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS:テつ Hit a lot of good shots but I didn't make anything.テつ I hit just a ton of good putts that didn't make the edge and just never really made anything until No. 7.テつ But other than that, it was pretty much a boring day on the greens, and I hit a lot of good shots.

Q.テつ Two hours and 31 minutes to play your first nine; what was going on there?
TIGER WOODS:テつ Hey, we were just waiting.テつ I don't know what the deal was ahead of us.

Q.テつ It was almost like a continuation of your Monday round‑‑
TIGER WOODS:テつ I hear ya, but the guys ahead of us, Sean and Steven were ahead of us, they were waiting on every shot as well.テつ So I don't know how far ahead, where the backup was, whether somebody had a ruling, or had problems around the Bear Trap, whatever it is.テつ But we played a better pace on the back nine, so something might have happened ahead of us.

Q.テつ Could you talk about your VandeVelde moment?
TIGER WOODS: テつYeah, how about that.

Q.テつ Have you ever done that?
TIGER WOODS:テつ I have, unfortunately.テつ This time, it was only half‑submerged, so I could play some kind of explosion shot and get it back in the fairway.テつ I got in there and I wasn't trying to advance it very far, just make sure I got it back in the fairway and give myself some kind of wedge shot in there, which I did, and I got it up‑and‑down.

Q.テつ What did you use there, and did you take off your shoes, socks?
TIGER WOODS:テつ I took off shoes, socks, put rain pants on.テつ Hit a 9‑iron and left myself 81 to the hole and hit a little six‑degree sand wedge in there to ten feet right below and made it.

Q.テつ Under the circumstances, that might have saved ‑‑
TIGER WOODS:テつ It did.テつ I was 1‑over at the time, and if that ball is not playable from where it's at, where I caught was pretty far back and I would have had to have dropped‑‑ I couldn't even get an angle in the first cut and had to drop in the primary and had to lay up and didn't get that up‑and‑down‑‑ looking at a six, 3‑over, and all of a sudden I flip it, make par there and birdie the next.テつ Could easily have been three and all of a sudden I'm even.

Q.テつ Feel good to be back on the East Coast, Florida?
TIGER WOODS:テつ Well, I think if you're warm.テつ But here we are, wearing sweaters all day.テつ It's nice to be back and staying home.テつ Playing a home game, with us who lived in Orlando used to have two home tournaments, but it's nice to actually stay in your own bed and have your own remote and come to the golf course.

Q.テつ 13, were you blocked out behind that bush?
TIGER WOODS:テつ Well, I was trying to hit a cut but I had mud on the right side of my ball, so it was going to go left.テつ Because the mud was on the front part, it was going to make it by so I couldn't play underneath the tree, and I was hoping I could get the ball far enough up into the lip where I have where I have an easier shot but I couldn't cut it, not with the mud on the right side of the ball.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:テつ I hit good putts, that's the thing.テつ They were solid and firm.テつ I was getting fooled on the grain, some of it was snagging; some I would blow right through the top side.テつ It was a bit challenging.テつ The green speeds are a little bit faster than they were yesterday, but still, it's an adjustment I need to make and obviously didn't make it as well as I would like.

Q.テつ So what's your mind‑set going into Friday when you play well but don't necessarily have the score that reflects that?
TIGER WOODS:テつ Yeah, you know, that's the thing, I hit the ball well today and on top of that, I hit good putts but unfortunately I didn't get the feeling of this grain today.テつ It was either snagging or I would blow through it top side.テつ I just didn't quite have it just right.テつ I hit so many putts right around the edge that just were not going in.テつ Just stick with what I'm doing because it's not very far off.テつ

Q.テつ Teeing off on No. 10 on this golf course‑‑
TIGER WOODS:テつ Oh, my God, it's a hard hole.テつ At least the pin is up and in a spot where it's somewhere deep back there, and at least a little bit warmer than what they were forecasting early in the week.
I feel sorry for the guys going out first off, because we couldn't see anything on the range.テつ Couldn't see the ball land.テつ I don't know how they went off first off.テつ We went off at 6:45 in a Pro‑Am yesterday and saw nothing land for the first hole and a half.テつ It was still dark today.

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