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February 28, 2013

Sean O'Hair


Q.テつ Is that golf in a nutshell kind of?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ Golf has been kind of weird for me the last two years.テつ It's been kind of hit or miss, and I really don't know what to say, other than I've played five weeks in a row; I've never played five weeks in a row, shot 83, greens got in my head and just couldn't make a putt.
Now I feel like I've been playing some pretty good golf to be honest with you.テつ Palm Springs, I striped it.テつ Played with Charles for three days, Charles Howell, and he was telling me how good I hit it.テつ Just didn't make a putt and kind of been the story of the year.テつ I mean, just playing well, just not getting much out of it.
Today, I really didn't hit it that great.テつ I hit some nice shots, but I kind of kept it out of the wind, just kind of kept it in play and tried to miss it in the right spots and made the up‑and‑downs and made some putts and scored.
I've hit it a lot better this year than I did today, and I've shot over par, so just been weird, a weird start.

Q.テつ Are you finding something?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ No, I just think keep doing what I'm doing.テつ You know, it's been very frustrating for me, because I feel like I'm playing well.テつ I like where I'm headed.テつ It actually wouldn't be so bad if I was unhappy with something in my game, because then you could fix it.テつ And I think by now, it's just a matter of patience.テつ I could go out there tomorrow and shoot 6‑over par, I don't know at this point.テつ It's been kind of one of those years.テつ I feel good about my game and that's really all there is to it.テつ I'm confident, I'm confident with my ball‑striking, I'm confident with my putter and just haven't seen results.テつ It was nice to play well today for sure.

Q.テつ Some of it, too, just getting on different greens?
SEAN O'HAIR:テつ You look at my career, I never play well on the West Coast.テつ West Coast for me is a warm‑up.テつ When I play well, I play well in Florida, I play well in Texas, I play well on the East Coast and play well in the northeast.テつ West Coast just isn't my thing.テつ I love Pebble Beach, I always play well at Pebble.テつ U.S. Open I finished seventh there and played pretty well during the regular event there.テつ Always play well in Sony, but I was sick at Sony so I couldn't go, and the other courses, I always play like crap.テつ So just one of those things I guess.

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