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February 28, 2013

Lizette Salas


Q.テつ Great round today.
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ I birdied the second and the fifth and I birdied the ninth, and then I birdied 10, 12, and I had a bogey on 15 and I came back strong on 17.テつ You know, just made a silly mistake, and the front nine, the first five holes, you have to be so focused and so related to your target.
I think I played the front nine very well, and coming down the stretch, I made a little mistake, but I got it back with a birdie on 17.テつ You lose track of holes, but just trying to stay present and try to make a good swing on each shot, and if it doesn't go your way, prepare for the next shot.
I just try to have fun, and you know, it's awfully humid out here; just try to stay cool and not to get overwhelmed with a bad shot.テつ You know, don't make a big number out here.

Q.テつ So the front nine, certainly a little bit tougher than the back nine?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Yeah, definitely.
So that gave me a little more confidence coming down the back nine.テつ You know, not every putt, you can't be perfect, but just try to make a good swing and be just as best related to your target as possible and try to be really specific on targets out here, just because the landing areas are so small and there's water everywhere.
So we don't have these golf courses‑‑ well, I'm not used to these golf courses.テつ But it's beautiful, and it's my first time in Singapore, and loving every moment.

Q.テつ So this tournament, it is quite special.

Q.テつ Last year you were a rookie, and you came in second or third?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ I came in third, yes.

Q.テつ A very different year for you now?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Very different.テつ I'm starting my season overseas, and a month earlier than last year.テつ You know, my dad's still here supporting me and watching me.
So I have a good team around me that helps me prepare, and helps me stay confident and most importantly, just patient out here, because it's going to be a long year and more than I'm used to.テつ So trying to take each day for what it is and just keep smiling and laughing.
Just to have my dad here, my caddie here, sharing this experience with me, not many players can do that, bring their parents with them.テつ Just excited to go home this week, but I still have to do my job in the next three days and just try to stay patient and hopefully catch Aza, because she's playing really well.テつ We have the same swing coach, and I think he's very happy right now.

Q.テつ What's his name?
LIZETTE SALAS: テつJim Gormley.

Q.テつ Where is he based?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Palos Verdes, in California.テつ I'm sure he's looking, he's watching.

Q.テつ Does he do any of the men players?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ No, he has seven LPGA players, and so I live the closest.テつ I live just outside of L.A., and so he's been a good friends of ours for a long time and a couple months ago, he became part of the team.

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