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February 28, 2013

Karin Sjodin


Q.¬† Great round today, 5‑under par, everybody was talking this week about how difficult this golf course could play or whatever, but what were the keys for you today to being able to score well?
KARIN SJODIN:¬† I think the main thing here is you have to hit your tee shots in the right spots, and I didn't hit many drivers, but a lot of hybrids today.¬† Todd managed to figure out the wind when I was clueless and hit 3‑woods and hybrids to the right spots.¬† From there on, I think everyone is going to be in the same areas, so hitting some greens and get something putts to fall.

Q.  Is it really the difference, a lot of times if you're a long hitter, you have an advantage; is it knot so much this week in terms of where the landing spots are, or is it still an advantage because you've got longer distances?
KARIN SJODIN:¬† I would say if you ask me, I would say it's not an advantage this week.¬† I mean, 18, I can reach, and 12 or whatever other‑‑ there are maybe two, three par 5s that are reachable for me, which is an advantage.
But on the par 4s, I'm not used to hitting from 180, because I used to hit the driver closer, so I think it's probably an advantage for someone who can hit their driver and is used to hitting those distances into par 4s on a regular basis.
For me, it's new to stand with 6‑, 5‑ and 4‑irons, even into par 4s, and I think I guess for us, it's more of a change than it would be for anyone else.

Q.  Coming into this week, how did you feel about the state of your game at the start of the year?
KARIN SJODIN:¬† I think it felt all right before I started playing (laughing).¬† Practise was going really well, and then I had some back or rib‑‑ back, I'm not sure what it is, issues.¬† So I struggled a lot with hitting iron shots and couldn't take divots and kind of chickened out on the downswing.
So starting the end of last week, I started hitting it really good.¬† Got a lot of treatments on the back, and I think those two were kind of‑‑ yeah, that made it possible for me to swing well.
And then this week, I've been hitting it good again.  It feels good now.  The scores probably aren't really that good but I feel like every part of the game is in good shape when I'm healthy.

Q.  Last year you got off to a solid start and you had some really good performances especially at Founders  and Kraft.  You've been on Tour a number of years, but what did the experience last year at Kraft do for your game and just getting off to a solid start and really putting together a strong year?
KARIN SJODIN:  I think it meant a lot.  I mean, when you're there, you probably don't know how much it means until afterwards looking back.
But for a few years, I felt like I was improving every part of the game, but I couldn't put it together on the golf course.
So I think mainly it kind of proved to myself and probably the doubters out there that were wondering I didn't was still hacking around, but you know, it's always nice to know that you've played with Yani in the final round and you felt like you were on her level kind of.
So not afraid of anything or intimidated by it but feeling like I belonged.  Doesn't hurt to feel that way.

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