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February 23, 2013

Ian Poulter


Q.  You told us earlier in the week that your tactic in match play is to dispatch your opponent as quickly as possible.  Job well done today, wasn't it?
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, it was job done today.  I think my short game was on today.  I missed a few greens in the wrong spots, but managed to get up‑and‑down.  And when I hit greens, I had great birdie opportunities.  That's always tough when you make so many pars and make a few birdies to obviously be beaten, and I was pretty pleased with that today.

Q.  Tell us about the difference between the way you actually feel going out in one of these matches as opposed to stroke play.  It's adrenaline from the first hole, isn't it?
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, it starts right from the first tee shot and doesn't leave you.  It's nice to play golf under that kind of pressure, that kind of intensity.  And when that clock's ticking, it's interesting what your body does.

Q.  What are the challenges of playing two rounds in a day, potentially two days in a row?
IAN POULTER:  When you've had six weeks off, I think you can manage it just fine.  I feel good, I feel fresh, legs are pretty strong right now, so I'll be happy to go all the way through until Monday.

Q.  Stricker and Piercy have 13 birdies between them in 13 holes.  Could be a good one this afternoon.
IAN POULTER:  It's always going to be a good one, especially when you get down to kind of quarterfinals stage.  It's going to be a tough match whoever I have to play, and I'll very much look forward to it.

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