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February 22, 2013

Webb Simpson


Q.  What a beautiful birdie to end things.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Thanks.  I've just got to thank my Lord because I've been sick all week, my family has been sick and I haven't gotten much rest, and just prayed for strength today and somehow made it through.

Q.  I know your putting has been good, your ball‑striking at times has been a little bit wayward, but you're making putts when they count.
WEBB SIMPSON:  I did, and Peter is such a great player.  We went back and forth, it was almost like a boxing match, exchanging punches.  But I had a feeling coming down the last couple holes, and we were able to hit some good shots coming in.

Q.  A tough match for you today.  Only time you were ahead was the final hole.  Tell us about that putt.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was a good putt.  I had a good read on it, and these greens are so pure it was rolling nice.  It was a good match.  Peter is such a great player, and we went back and forth all day, and I feel fortunate to come out on top.

Q.  How much do you enjoy this format?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I like it.  You know, it's harder on the mind.  It tests your patience a lot more than stroke play, but it's fun.  You've got one opponent, and we only get to do it once or twice a year, so it's fun to get in that frame of mind.  Your strategy can change in the middle of any hole.  I think everybody enjoys it, and you never know what can happen in match play.

Q.  Gonzalo Fernandez‑Castano tomorrow; have you ever played with him, met him?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I've met him.  Seems like a nice guy.  I've never played with him, so we'll see.

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