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February 22, 2013

Jim Furyk


Q.  Obviously back and forth, seemed like both of you had some really good shots, both of you had some shots you might want to get back, but all in all just classic match play.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, neither one of us played very well on the front nine.  I was really disappointed with my performance there.  I felt like in match play you're trying the make the other guy earn it, you're trying to put pressure on him and trying to make them earn the holes that they win.  I felt like I handed him‑‑ I played poorly and handed him two holes early in the day and actually handed him a halve, as well, so I felt like it cost me three holes early in the day.  He returned the favor a couple times on the back nine.
But overall I don't think either one of us was real happy about the way we played, but I feel a lot better about getting some momentum on the back nine and played solid, I hit the ball well, I knocked in some putts on the back nine, that's what got me in the match.  I had him in tough positions.  I was on the green in two on No.2 and he had to get up‑and‑down with a wedge and he did so, and then he made a great up‑and‑down on No.3 from long right.  He hit it in the same spot this morning and got it up‑and‑down from that same spot, almost the same putt, made about an eight to ten‑footer for par.
I thought I had him.  I was in the driver's seat there on 2 and 3, wasn't able to get it done, and then I hit a poor shot on 4.  I'm mostly disappointed that I played tough down the stretch, but then to leak the shot on No.4 and hit such a bad iron shot to lose the match just leaves a sour taste.

Q.  Why was it so tough to make putts out there for you guys, both of you?
JIM FURYK:  Early on I didn't hit very many good putts.  You can just blame it on me.  On the back nine or for the second half of the match, I actually putted pretty well but missed a couple reads.  And they're tricky.  Everything kind of funnels down to the valley a little bit here, and there's a little bit of a pool.  I think the reads get tricky at times.

Q.  What's the range of emotions like the last four or five holes of that match where you're able to‑‑
JIM FURYK:  Well, it really looked as though‑‑ when I got it even after 14, I'm doing good, he knocks it on there, drives it on 15 for eagle, I go 1‑down, I missed the putt on 16 from about six feet to halve the match.  He makes a good putt on 17 to stay 1‑up.  And then it looked like I was going to lose the match on 18.  I had a four‑footer, four and a half footer for birdie.  He had a four‑footer for birdie.  I make mine, he misses.  So I gained some life.  He hit it in there about four feet again on No.1 for birdie after I missed the 20‑footer, and again, I'm thinking I can‑‑ I'm pretty much done, and he misses.
Then I'm in the driver's seat on 2 and 3, so of course I'm excited.  It looks like I have a good opportunity to win the match, and hit a good putt on 3 that didn't go in.  I guess the range of emotion is I'm pretty bitter, pretty upset with myself for the swing I made on No.4.  It was a knock‑down shot, shots that really I hit really well today.  There was trouble over the green, I was trying to take a little off of it, and I made a little bit of an unaggressive swing and left it out to the right.

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