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February 22, 2013

Shane Lowry


MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Hectic day yesterday.  Today was pretty stress free.  Give us your assessment of that match.
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, it was nice.  I had a bit of a lie‑in this morning, got up and got ready to play Carl.  I knew Carl was going to be a tough opponent.  I found it easy to get myself‑‑ well, it was tough coming down off a high last night, but this morning I got up for the match and got ready to go out and battle against Carl and managed to play some of the best golf I've played in a long time.
Yeah, I'm quite happy.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Do you have a preferred opponent next round?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I'd like to play Graeme obviously because he's a friend of mine.  I'd like to see him win today.  Whoever I'm playing, him or Alex, it's going to be a tough opponent anyway.  I think if I played Graeme, it would be good craic and be a bit of banter at dinner.

Q.  How difficult was it to come down from that last night and were you conscious of that when you went out today?
SHANE LOWRY:  It was quite difficult.  I went out for dinner with the lads, my caddie and a few other guys, and I found it quite hard to sleep last night, I was on such a high.  There was people, lots of phone calls and texts and stuff.  You know, but I managed to get to sleep and get a few hours.  Got up this morning, spoke to my coach for quite a while on the phone and just reminded myself that it was only the first round, the second round is today and just go out and look forward to it and enjoy every minute of it, and that's what I did.

Q.  With that, if you had lost today, how much of that would have undermined what you achieved yesterday?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I would have regarded it‑‑ I would have been all right to beat Rory, but to lose in the second round is not what I want coming here this week.  I wanted to go on.  I feel like I could potentially do very well in this tournament.  That's it.

Q.  If you end up playing G‑Mac, is there anything you learned from playing Rory yesterday?
SHANE LOWRY:  I mean, Graeme is a very good match player, as everyone knows, and very difficult opponent.  He's a great putter, which is huge in match play.  Yeah, I suppose I learned a bit.  Obviously this morning I didn't feel quite as nervous on the tee as I did yesterday, which was nice.  I'm sure it won't be as nerve racking playing Graeme tomorrow, if I am playing Graeme.  But regardless of who I am playing, it's going to be‑‑ at the end of the day last 16 in World Match Play is a pretty big deal, so I'll find it easy to get up for whoever I'm playing against.

Q.  How many messages and things did you have after yesterday?
SHANE LOWRY:  A lot, yeah.  A lot.  It was quite exciting for everyone back home.  I come from a very small town, and everyone was really behind me.  It was quite exciting for everyone there getting on me.  It's nice to have such support from people back home, and yeah, it's good.

Q.  How much sleep did you get last night?
SHANE LOWRY:  I still got about eight hours, so it wasn't that bad.  I'm normally a good 10‑hour man.

Q.  Is there a place where you're from gathering to watch this?
SHANE LOWRY:  I'm sure they're all down at the local pub having a few drinks watching the golf on SKY.  Yeah, I'm sure they're there now and they're celebrating my win tonight or today, as well.  Hopefully I can give them something to cheer about tomorrow, as well.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Shane, we wish you well with that.

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