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February 21, 2013

Roberta Vinci


R. VINCI/S. Stosur
6‑2, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Maybe talk about the match a little bit.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah, it was a great match for me, great performance.
I play a good game also today like yesterday.テつ I play aggressive; I play so good.テつ I spoke with my coach to play more aggressive especially when I serve and also try to return.テつ She has a great serve, great kick serve.テつ For me was difficult to return, because I have also one‑hand backhand.
But I play good.テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ Obviously the No. 1 doubles player, are you able to bring something from the doubles to a match like this?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah.テつ I play a lot of doubles.テつ Probably the doubles helps the single.
With Sara, we won a lot of tournaments.テつ We are in confidence, and we like to play.テつ Probably in doubles you can try also something that you can play also in singles.

Q.テつ You could possibly play Sara next round.テつ Are you looking forward to that?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah, it for sure tough match if I play with Sara.テつ But also with Nadia.
But I think if I play with Sara, is a little bit different mentally because I know her, she's like a sister for me, so we play every time together.テつ It will be tough.

Q.テつ A lot of players are very good singles players, and as they start to fade they play a lot more doubles.テつ You've kind of almost done it the other way around.テつ You're much more successful now with singles than you were in the first half of your career.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Probably because we won a lot in doubles.テつ I'm playing good.テつ This is an unbelievable tournament for me.テつ I won against two top 10s.
So I'm No. 1 in the world in doubles, so it's incredible for me.テつ Probably I playing singles more relaxed, and then I play better.

Q.テつ Is it physically demanding, as well, demandingテつ to play both?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Single and double?

Q.テつ Yeah.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah.テつ It's tough to play in every single tournament singles and doubles.テつ This week I don't play doubles with Sara.テつ We say no, this tournament.
But we play a lot of matches before.テつ So one week off of doubles, focus on singles.テつ It's okay.

Q.テつ Did you both deliberately say that you didn't want to play doubles so you could go deep, you both could go deep in this tournament?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah.テつ We spoke together.テつ We are a little bit tired, also, because we play in Australia, and then we play Paris directly, Fed Cup, Doha.
So we need more, a little bit of rest and especially in doubles. テつBut we would like to play doubles especially in every tournament.

Q.テつ In terms of your age‑‑ I mean, you're the oldest doubles player.テつ Serena just became the oldest No. 1.テつ Obviously you're doing well late in your career, but not only that, but at 30...
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah, probably because I'm not young, I have a lot of experience.テつ I start unbelievable here.テつ In singles and doubles I hope to play like this all the rest of the season, but it will be tough, I know.
Yeah, I'm not young.テつ I'm 30.テつ I have a few years more to play tennis.テつ I hope to play like this.

Q.テつ How did you celebrate your 30th birthday?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Oh, nothing.テつ The WTA gave me a cake.テつ Yeah, so nice.テつ And also, my parents, I cameテつ into my room, and I saw there was a cake also from my mother and my father.テつ So nice.

Q.テつ With the game with Sam today, I think I saw a stat that you mixed up the slice and your flat shots pretty much straight down the middle.テつ Do you think on this surface that...
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah, the surface is fast, is not slow.テつ So of course I play a lot of slice, but if I have time, especially on the passing, I try to play the top.テつ But I'm not in confident like this, but if I have chance, I had to try.

Q.テつ You also seemed to take advantage of her backhand.テつ She even said that you were able to focus on that and kept her‑‑ your shots forced her to kind of use that weaker backhand.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Yeah, I played a lot on her backhand.テつ She has an unbelievable forehand.
So on my mind, I try to play against her backhand because she has a lot of problem with backhand, and try to change some slice and also some top when I have time.

Q.テつ You love your football, don't you?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Football?テつ Yes, of course.

Q.テつ Did you watch the game last night?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ No, because on TV ‑‑no, but I saw the newspaper and Milan won.

Q.テつ Do you plan often?
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ I like to play.テつ I like also the Serie A in Italy, and, yeah, I like football.テつ Yes.

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