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February 21, 2013

Hunter Mahan


Q.  Just another victory, I wouldn't say easy but comfortable finish, and seems to be getting to be the routine here for you at the Accenture Match Play.  Talk about the win.
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah.  You know, I feel like I got off to a pretty good start, was able to kind of put the pressure‑‑ to get a guy down early and put the ball in play and hit a lot of greens, that can put pressure on a guy.  I feel like I did that for the first nine holes.  I feel like I let some holes kind of slip away that I should have done better on, but all in all, I feel good about how I played and how I'm swinging.  I've just got to keep it up.

Q.  How wild was yesterday?
HUNTER MAHAN:  It was as wild as I've ever seen.  I mean, we knew it was coming, we knew kind of the forecast, but getting out there and feeling the cold, it was really cold.  My hands were really cold.  And then seeing it‑‑ it's weird to kind of see the rain and kind of see everything coming, but when it got here, it was unbelievable.  The elevation kind of kills us for snow and everything, and to see the snow fall, and then a few hours later, it just started pounding again.  It was really incredible.

Q.  What was the scene like up at the hotel area last night?  Everybody out making snow men?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Well, I went to the gym afterwards and kind of chilled out, and it seemed like the weather was okay.  And then 5:35 or something like that, it just starts coming again, and it was coming really hard.  It felt like we were in Denver or Colorado somewhere, not in Tucson trying to play golf.

Q.  Just talk about looking forward to tomorrow, round 2 and still being in this match play event.  Have you found something for success, or is it just this is how match play works and sometimes you catch the right match on the right day?
HUNTER MAHAN:  You catch the match on the right day because you're not going to play great every single day.  You have to get lucky in these things.  But I think you just have to have a good strong mental outlook on things and not‑‑ realize this is a tournament, you don't need to fix anything, you just need to keep playing and try to keep winning and grinding out.  You never know what can happen on a golf course, you never know where you can make a putt or a chip.  Keep your head up and just keep moving on is kind of the most important thing.

Q.  Do you like this format or this golf course?  What works best about this for you?
HUNTER MAHAN:  I guess I feel comfortable on this golf course from tee to green.  I feel like I've got good lines, I step on the tee with my tee shots, and I just feel comfortable and I want to make free swings.  Getting on the greens is difficult.  These are difficult greens.  You've got to be on the right tiers and you've got to have the right speeds.  From there it's kind of a different game, but I feel like my ball‑striking here gives me an advantage.

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