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February 20, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  Thoughts and feelings?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Well, I mean, obviously would like to have had it done today, but been a productive day, got myself a couple up, obviously playing 10, headed to 4‑up, easy to be disappointed.  But if I look at how I lost the holes, K.J. won two holes.  I've played very, very solidly out there on the front nine, didn't‑‑ 1‑under par through 9 in some very tough weather, so yeah, feel like I did my‑‑ sort of held up my end of the bargain today really.  You're going to win some holes and lose some holes, and happy to be 2‑up, really.

Q.  Conditions, how ridiculous was that?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Well, yeah, obviously the conditions changed‑‑ they were decent to start with, and then playing 8, 9 and 10, it kind of got a little bit ridiculous.  The wind switched, and Jason Day hit 2‑iron, 7‑iron into 10; Poults hit driver and had 104 yards front and I hit driver and I've got 205 front, so I was hitting driver, 3‑wood.  So that was the difference.  When the snow‑‑ that was when the sort of hail and rain started coming down.  At that point I knew they were going to have to call it fairly soon.

Q.  Have you ever seen anything like that on a golf course?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No.  I've seen hail and sleet, but never where it's turned that quickly, absolutely.  It's been amazing how accurate the forecast has been.  They've been talking about snow for about four days, and pretty much at 11:00, the forecast time, boom, it was down and end of the day.

Q.  But as you said, it's nice to be a couple up?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Exactly.  Probably momentum wise it was a good time for me to come in, too.  I had just lost a couple holes.  Restart tomorrow with a 2‑up lead.

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