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February 18, 2013

Louis Oosthuizen


CHRIS REIMER:テつ We want to welcome Louis Oosthuizen here to the interview room at the Accenture Match Play Championship, exciting event.テつ Just talk about being a No.1 seed in your bracket and your first round match maybe with Richie.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, it's nice being back here.テつ I've seen the golf course today and seen they had the pins on some interesting positions, so glad it's a match play week and not a stroke one.
Yeah, Richie will be a nice match.テつ I know him well, and he's a good player.テつ Match play is always that type of game on the day you can have a bad day and win or you can have a good day and lose, so you've just got to take it as it is.

Q.テつ It's a little off subject, but are you thinking about the Masters?テつ As you play here and practice here, are you working on shots you might need at Augusta?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ No.テつ I'm taking this week for what it is, for the Match Play, to get the trophy, and one match at a time.テつ I'm not thinking about Augusta at all.

Q.テつ Getting a No.1 seed in this tournament, was that a big deal to you?テつ Does it change anything for you as far as match‑ups or anything like that?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ No.テつ Brandt should have been‑‑ if he was here, he would have been the No.1 seed on the bracket.テつ But yeah, it's‑‑ I mean, I think it doesn't really matter.テつ Like I say, you can have just a slightly off day, and you can go out the first round.テつ It's a weird format.テつ It's a completely different one where if you have a bad day, you can't come back the next one and have a low round to get yourself back in the event.
I'm just going to take it one shot at a time, and I know Richie is a good player, and we two need to make pars and birdies.

Q. テつWhen you look at the field and you see all the great golfers, is there any sense of accomplishment being a No.1 seed when you see the field stacked the way it is?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah.テつ My goal is to climb up the World Ranking all the time, and to be a No.1 seed in the bracket is a great thing for me.テつ It keeps me motivated to go even higher.テつ At the moment I'm fifth in the world, and I'm trying to see if I can even go higher.

Q.テつ What makes a good match player, and how do you feel your game is suited with that in mind, because some people to‑‑ Poulter, for example, seems to excel in that environment.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, well, it's one‑on‑one.テつ It's probably taking it to the person.テつ You can be aggressive, I think it's a lot to do with your demeanor and your attitude towards the day.テつ So it is definitely a completely different game than stroke play.
I think a great match player would always be in play, every hole.テつ You can get the odd hole where you're out of it, but I think being in play all the time and giving yourself an opportunity to win the hole, you know, that makes a good match player.

Q.テつ Seven players in the field from South Africa.テつ Just talk about the strength of some of the younger players coming up and obviously yourself and Charl and Ernie and how South Africa is a country that's developing in golf.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah.テつ I think it's really strong at the moment.テつ It's great seeing Richard Sterne back after a long injury.テつ We all know he's a great player, and he showed that in the Johannesburg Open with his great win.テつ George Coetzee is really playing well.テつ Brandon Grace looked great last year.テつ It's really great seeing everyone coming through.テつ Charl has struggled a long time with the injury, and I think he's over that injury now with his last events here.テつ So yeah, it's great seeing the country doing that well.

Q.テつ Feeding off that a little bit, what type of impact has Ernie Els had on your career, and how much do you owe to him, the success that you've had?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, I mean, being in his foundation early on, from 1999 to 2002, was a great thing for me.テつ I always thank Ernie for that, just looking‑‑ I think every kid looked up to Ernie and Retief when I was young.テつ He meant a lot to my career to eventually turn pro, and he gave me a lot of opportunities to play at an international level.
CHRIS REIMER:テつ Louis, thanks so much.

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