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February 17, 2013

Ernie Johnson

Chris Paul

David Stern


East All Stars - 138
West All Stars - 143

COMMISSIONER DAVID STERN:テつ Thank you, Houston, for being a spectacular host city.テつ And thank you for these great players, these very great players, these extraordinary athletes for thrilling the world in 250 countries and territories that saw this game.テつ On a night like tonight it can only be one MVP.テつ With 20 points, 15 assists, four steals, Chris Paul is the Most Valuable Player of the 2013 NBA All‑Star Game.
ERNIE JOHNSON:テつ It was related to me that you said this is crazy, why did you say that?
CHRIS PAUL:テつ Because now they expect something like this.テつ All these great players that I had an opportunity to play with, it was an honor and privilege.
ERNIE JOHNSON:テつ You came into this game as the all‑time leader in All‑Star history in assists per game.テつ You had 15 today.テつ And those numbers only Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas have done it in All‑Star games.テつ What does that mean to you?
CHRIS PAUL: テつIt means a lot.テつ Anytime you are mentioned with those guys, it is an honor and privilege.テつ But even a chance to get out on the floor with Russ, KD, these guys I don't get a chance to play with that often.テつ It's easy.テつ I got the easy part.テつ All I've got to do is get them the ball.

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