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February 17, 2013

Ernie Johnson

Chris Paul

David Stern


East All Stars - 138
West All Stars - 143

COMMISSIONER DAVID STERN:¬† Thank you, Houston, for being a spectacular host city.¬† And thank you for these great players, these very great players, these extraordinary athletes for thrilling the world in 250 countries and territories that saw this game.¬† On a night like tonight it can only be one MVP.¬† With 20 points, 15 assists, four steals, Chris Paul is the Most Valuable Player of the 2013 NBA All‑Star Game.
ERNIE JOHNSON:  It was related to me that you said this is crazy, why did you say that?
CHRIS PAUL:  Because now they expect something like this.  All these great players that I had an opportunity to play with, it was an honor and privilege.
ERNIE JOHNSON:¬† You came into this game as the all‑time leader in All‑Star history in assists per game.¬† You had 15 today.¬† And those numbers only Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas have done it in All‑Star games.¬† What does that mean to you?
CHRIS PAUL:  It means a lot.  Anytime you are mentioned with those guys, it is an honor and privilege.  But even a chance to get out on the floor with Russ, KD, these guys I don't get a chance to play with that often.  It's easy.  I got the easy part.  All I've got to do is get them the ball.

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