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February 17, 2013

James Harden


East All Stars - 138
West All Stars - 143

Q. テつCan you talk about how your ankle felt during the game.テつ Did you have any issues?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ It felt good to go out there and just play with all those great players.テつ For my first time, I tried to make as many shots as possible.テつ I couldn't make a layup, but I had a couple of threes fall, so it felt good.

Q.テつ How did the ankle do?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ It was good, real good.

Q.テつ How special was this week for you, it's ended now, all the things you've done culminating with the game tonight?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ It was a very special weekend, it being in Houston.テつ All the fun times, laughs, NBA Cares events, Saturday night festivities, all the appearances, meeting different people and then just the game tonight summed it up.

Q.テつ What was it like to play under Coach Pop?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Great.テつ He's a whiz of the game.テつ He knows exactly what he's doing, when he talks about‑‑ from the beginning, he just said "Don't treat this like an All‑Star Game, go out there and try and win.テつ Because you're still in the middle of the season, you don't want to create bad habits."テつ And that's what we did.

Q.テつ Kevin said playing with you made him miss you.テつ What do you think about that?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ He just told me he missed me in the locker room again.テつ I miss those guys, as well.テつ Just being with them every day, when you leave somewhere, you definitely are going to miss them.テつ This weekend was good for us just to see each other and catch up on good times.

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