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February 17, 2013

Kevin Durant


East All Stars - 138
West All Stars - 143

Q. テつCan you talk about what it was like to get an opportunity to play with James Harden again?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ It was fun.テつ Playing with him today made me miss him a little bit.テつ I'm happy he was the All‑Star, especially in the city he plays in.テつ It was a lot of fun.テつ I didn't want it to be over.テつ It's always great playing with all these guys.テつ They make it fun.テつ It's a blessing being here.

Q. テつWhat do you think about Chris Paul getting MVP?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ He deserved it.テつ He had great passes, making steals, made big buckets.テつ He played a hell of a game and congratulations to him.テつ It was a pleasure playing with him.

Q.テつ The first player to score 30 straight in three straight All‑Star Games, scored the most points out of anybody in his first four All‑Star games.テつ What's made you such a prolific scorer in these games?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ I'm shooting a lot of shots, 24 shots up in 31 minutes.テつ I'm just out there having fun.テつ I think this is my seventh.テつ I played a lot of street basketball.テつ I played a lot of celebrity games.テつ This is my type of ballgame, up and down.
Blake Griffin and Dwight cleared the paint off for me.テつ And having a point guard like CP and Russ.テつ I play with Russ all the time.テつ The point guards made it easy for me.テつ It was fun.

Q.テつ What is it like for you guys to be here and represent Oklahoma City?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ It means a lot.テつ It's a blessing we get to represent where we come from, OKC.テつ And we've just got to embrace it all and know that 10, 15 years down the line we will remember these times together as a pair.
Like I said it was a privilege and hopefully I get to come back next year.

Q.テつ Were guys impressed with Kobe deeing up LeBron down the stretch?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ I think we played really good defense at the end of the game as a team.テつ Kobe was really going with the ball.テつ It's tough to stop LeBron.テつ But he did his best.テつ He was able to block a few of his shots.テつ But CP did a really good job of keeping us in the game.

Q.テつ On that note, when was the last time you saw LeBron get a jumper block?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ I don't know.テつ It was a great block.テつ I haven't really seen any MVP get a jumper blocked like that.テつ It was a really great play.テつ Kobe is a great player.

Q.テつ How did it feel to play under Coach Pop?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ It was a joy.テつ This is my second time playing under him.テつ He just makes the game very, very fun.テつ He told us to go out and play.テつ But he also said to respect the game.
As players we all respect Pop around the league.テつ We know what he stands for.テつ We know what he's done.テつ It was a pleasure playing for him.テつ And I had a lot of fun.

Q.テつ In general do you think both teams played better defense than other years?
KEVIN DURANT:テつ I think more so in the second half.テつ The first half we were feeling the game out, sort of up and down.テつ But it was a fun game.テつ I think towards the end we all wanted to win.テつ And I think the first team to get stopped is usually going to stop the game, and that's what we did.

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