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February 16, 2013

Chris Paul

Dwyane Wade


Q. テつDid you enjoy this new NBA All‑Star Game format?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Yeah.テつ We enjoyed the experience.テつ We were glad to be the first ones chosen to kind of lead it.テつ It made it competitive on both sides.テつ Both sides really enjoyed the competition.テつ Individual guys still got to shine, but it was a great team win for a charity.

Q.テつ Both of you guys, can give me your favorite dunk of the night.
CHRIS PAUL:テつ It might have been that ‑‑ I loved D Bled's windmilled it, I loved Terrence Ross off the side of the backboard, he laid out and did ‑‑ I don't do that stuff.
DWYANE WADE:テつ I'm going to go with both of those dunks.テつ Like he said I can't do those things.テつ It was good to watch them.

Q.テつ How do you think the intensity of this year's competition has matched up with the past couple of years?
CHRIS PAUL:テつ Everybody always looks forward to the Dunk Contest part.テつ That's usually the culmination of the night.テつ I think tonight they brought it being back.テつ Everybody up out of their seats and wondering what to expect.テつ This new format I love it, because the night is already competitive.テつ And with all us great athletes, we compete at everything we do.テつ So this new element just made more competition.テつ So every time guys over there wondering what's the score, what's the score.テつ And it's not just about the individual thing, it's about the team.

Q.テつ The rivalry sets the stage for tomorrow night's game between the East and West, tonight does it set the stage?
DWYANE WADE:テつ The competition, yeah.テつ Obviously we come out and we enjoy it and we have fun.テつ And then it turns up.テつ Both teams smell the opportunity to win and it turns up, and it gets competitive.テつ And we've competed in many All‑Star games.テつ It's an honor and treat for us to do that.

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