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February 15, 2013

Kenneth Faried


Q. テつHow does it feel winning the MVP?テつ Did you come out with the intent to be the MVP of the game?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ Well, your first question, to win MVP.

Q.テつ How does it feel first of all?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ It feels wonderful.テつ It's a great feeling to know all of them elite guys out there, who worked just as hard as me to get where we are.テつ And to rise above them, not in the mean way, but in respect for the game.テつ Winning the MVP is an honor.

Q.テつ Did you come out with the intent to put on the performance you put on tonight?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ I came out with the intent to put on a performance.テつ But I wasn't thinking MVP type of performance.テつ I was just thinking about winning the game and enjoying myself.テつ And pretty much enjoying the game.テつ I love to play.

Q.テつ How did you like that frontcourt pairing?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ That was nice.テつ Kawhi has big hands, long arms and big hands.テつ He plays great D.テつ He can shoot it, actually.テつ And a heck of a player.テつ And Anthony Davis, he's long, also, blocks shots and rebounding.テつ And he ain't afraid to go in there and bang.テつ And he's athletic, also.

Q.テつ When was the last time you dropped 40 a game?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ I would say never in my life.テつ I never got over 30.テつ Well, actually I never got to 30.テつ I always would be stuck at 29, 28, can never get to 30.テつ Missed too many free throws.

Q.テつ Did you expect yourself winning this MVP last year?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ Last year?

Q.テつ So you win this year, so did you expect this win here a year ago?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ Actually I did.テつ I did expect being here, but I didn't expect winning the MVP.テつ I'm happy to win it.テつ But it wasn't ‑‑ I wasn't trying to play for the MVP.テつ I wanted to win, period.テつ Every time I step on the court.

Q.テつ Where did that three‑point range come from?
KENNETH FARIED:テつ I always had it.テつ Just don't pull it out in the games.テつ Coach Karl won't let me.

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