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February 15, 2013

Kyrie Irving

Tristan Thompson


Q. When you started going after it with Brandon Knight, how did that whole thing even develop?
KYRIE IRVING:テつ Just happened, honestly, a couple of plays down, going down the court with him.テつ But more or less, that kind of rivalry with me and B Knight has been happening since high school, since we started playing against each other.テつ We were battling for the one and two spot in high school.テつ He's a good friend of mine, it's great competition.

Q.テつ What do you think about Barnes' development as a rookie so far?
KYRIE IRVING:テつ Well, he's on a team with Stephen, Klay and David Lee, and I think he fits well in that system.テつ I feel like his time will come in that system.テつ He's doing a phenomenal job in the gym.テつ He's a great friend of mine.テつ I told him to keep his head up.テつ He's being really efficient right now.テつ He's doing the best he can over there.

Q.テつ Tristan, did you have any sort of expectations coming into the Game?
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつ This is my second year playing.テつ It's usually guard heavy.テつ So when we were coming in we had to get stops in the paint especially with so much bigs.テつ It feels good to get a win.

Q.テつ Kyrie, last year you won MVP in this game.テつ Which game do you have much more fun?
KYRIE IRVING:テつ Both of them.テつ You're talking about this or Sunday?

Q.テつ This game or last year.
KYRIE IRVING:テつ Either one was just fun to be a part of.テつ You have rookies and sophomores, guys you've grown up or seen play in college or high school or whatever.テつ And it's a great experience.テつ So both games are still fun for me.

Q.テつ For both:テつ Tell us, how does it feel to play and be coached by Shaquille O'Neal?
KYRIE IRVING:テつ We both played for Shaq and we both lost for Shaq.
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつテつ He loss last year for Shaq and I loss this year.

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