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February 15, 2013

Kevin Garnett


Q. テつYou played with Jordan a little bit, what can you tell us about him, about his turning 50?テつ What can you wish for him?
KEVIN GARNETT:テつ For Michael, himself, just a great example.テつ Him turning 50 is a blessing.テつ He's getting old.テつ It's good to see him getting old.テつ Happy birthday.

Q.テつ What's impressed you about Tim's game?
KEVIN GARNETT:テつ Tim has been consistent.テつ He's never faltered or changed himself.テつ He is what he is.テつ One of the best in the game, obviously.テつ And I respect him for that.テつ I respect him for not changing who he is and mimicking something else.

Q.テつ Are you surprised to see the Spurs always there at the top?
KEVIN GARNETT:テつ Never.テつ Never with Pop being the coach.テつ You can always anticipate them being prepared and ready to play.

Q.テつ Did you know Tommy was nominated today to the NBA Hall of Fame as a coach?テつ He's in as a player, and has a chance to go in as a coach.
KEVIN GARNETT:テつ Congratulations to Tommy.

Q.テつ Are the guys treating you differently this time, like it may be your swan song, like your last All‑Star Game?

Q.テつ What have you seen with Brook Lopez coming here the first time?
KEVIN GARNETT:テつ I think that he's been healthy, actually.テつ I think that because of that he had a chance to play for the full duration of the year.テつ But he's coming into his own.テつ Brook looks to have a lot of confidence in himself this year.テつ Whether it comes from being healthy or whatever, he seems like he's embraced his role.テつ He and Deron are a good one, two.テつ And then having Joe Johnson emerging, but Brook, he fits right into the pieces.テつ He's an emerging, if not a dominant figure.

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