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February 15, 2013

Jrue Holiday


Q. テつ(Inaudible).
JRUE HOLIDAY:テつ Again, I feel like when you talk about somebody on the team, you can think about Kobe or Shaq.テつ They kind of do it together.

Q.テつ Do you see that with the Clippers?
JRUE HOLIDAY:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ They're definitely quick.テつ I think it's different playing against a team with chemistry, obviously.テつ Watching them, you can see it, as well, playing against them, it's a beautiful thing.

Q.テつ Would you like to come back next year?
JRUE HOLIDAY:テつ Definitely.テつ I think it's something that I can put in my back pocket and try to improve on every single year.テつ Let's hope so.テつ I'm trying to make something happen.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)
JRUE HOLIDAY:テつ Again, if not the best now, one of the best that ever played.テつ I feel like he paid his dues.テつ When he does, it means a lot.
Knowing how good Andrew is, how good he can be.テつ Obviously gives me a lot of hope.

Q.テつ What has the coach preached to you personally about your game during the season?
JRUE HOLIDAY:テつ Stop turning the ball over.テつ I hear that about a million times a day.テつ Obviously being aggressive, communicating with him, just trying to be more of a leader.

Q.テつ And then how do you go about making the ball in?
JRUE HOLIDAY:テつ Home run passes.テつ Again, sometimes those home run passes are very tempting.テつ But, again, just play it safe.

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