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February 15, 2013

Tony Parker


Q. テつ(Inaudible)
TONY PARKER:テつ I'm sure.テつ For me personally I love playing in this competition.

Q.テつ Last chance to get an NBA win for you, and last chance to get a Eurobasket crown, too, perhaps?
TONY PARKER:テつ I don't see it like that.テつ I feel like I'm still young.テつ And I've got a lot of basketball in me.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the excitement of being here at another All‑Star Game?
TONY PARKER:テつ It's a great honor.テつ It's a great honor to be with great players, and have fun and enjoy my time with my family.

Q.テつ What is the key to the success of the San Antonio Spurs?
TONY PARKER:テつ I think the team means everything for us.テつ Our young players are really shooting.

Q.テつ What about the team compared to last year?
TONY PARKER:テつ I think we're better because we're younger and because our young guys have more experience.

Q.テつ What about the expectations for the second half of the season, maintaining where you are?

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