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February 15, 2013

Maya Moore

Tina Thompson


Q. テつ(Inaudible).
TINA THOMPSON:テつ That's what I was saying in the beginning.テつ I think Melo is one of the best scorers of all times.テつ He makes baskets everywhere on the floor.テつ He's got a complete game.テつ JR Smith can shoot the ball.テつ Streaky, he can actually, he can shoot the ball.

Q.テつ Does streaky eliminate you from being regarded as a shooter, though?
TINA THOMPSON:テつ No.テつ Well, he was before.テつ JR is a lot more consistent.テつ He takes the big shots.テつ He takes big shots.テつ He's getting the ball in the last seconds and he has Melo on his team.

Q.テつ What does it mean to you when little girls compare themselves to you?
MAYA MOORE:テつ It's great.テつ It's probably one of the best things about having the job that we have.テつ We're able to do something that we love to do that comes very natural.テつ And it inspires someone else.テつ So being put in a position to just create ‑‑ build a dream and aspiration of someone else doing something that you do just because you like it so much, it's a good feeling.
This is a really special time for me, because when the WNBA first started, it's right here, because I'm kind of like a product of what she's done, her and Lisa Leslie and Cooper and some of those, people that were the pioneers of the WNBA.テつ I grew up thinking it's okay that I like basketball.テつ It's okay that I say I want to grow up and be in the WNBA, and that could actually happen.
So it's really cool now that I'm in the position that little girls see me.テつ Because I'm you, this is cool.テつ You should want to do this.テつ You should want to be a pro basketball player, if that's your dream, as well.テつ It's really special.テつ I'm in a really special generation to be able to kind of see it happen and then become it.テつ So this is really special for me.

Q.テつ Finish this statement for me, beauty is ‑‑
MAYA MOORE:テつ Beauty is living out the gifts that you were given.テつ Everybody's got gifts that they were given and put on this earth to do.テつ And I'm just really happy that I was able to have basketball as a part of that.テつ And for sports for young girls, we're in a really cool time to be able to express ourselves through that.テつ So just living out your passions.

Q.テつ And yourself, beauty is ‑‑
TINA THOMPSON:テつ I think beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.テつ I think that it's okay to be different.テつ We're created different for a reason.テつ And I think that we all have our own special talents and gifts.テつ And to be comfortable with those and to push them to the limits is beautiful.

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