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February 15, 2013

LaMarcus Aldridge


Q.テつ A spot for a playoff isn't a dream, it's possible?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ No, it's possible.テつ I think we definitely overachieved this year.テつ I don't think anyone had us being that good.テつ If we can come back and be solid in the second half, it's possible.

Q.テつ What's happened with the Lakers?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ New team.テつ New coach.テつ It's always that, that transition period.テつ Maybe that's what's going on with them.

Q.テつ What is your opinion of Lillard?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ He's fearless, he can score, pass, do it all.テつ He's a really big‑time player.

Q.テつ Another rookie is Victor, another Spanish guy?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ He's physical.テつ He's a big body.テつ He can shoot it, go to the basket.テつ I think he's going to be good.

Q.テつ Is there any player on the All‑Star team that you've gotten to know a little better that you probably didn't know going into it?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ Not yet.テつ I think everybody just got here today.テつ Being around Tim is going to be big for me.テつ I've been a big fan of Tim.テつ I'm going to have fun with that.

Q.テつ How big an honor or is it to come back to Texas?テつ I know it was in Dallas, not Houston.
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ It's big.テつ I think the longhorn people definitely have came down here, it's big for me to be in the city.

Q.テつ One guy that is not here is Derrick Rose.テつ How big a void is it without him?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ That's a huge void to fill.テつ But I think guys that are here played good this year, so they're just glad to be here.

Q.テつ When you see a guy like that go through the process, what do you think about?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ It's tough.テつ He's working hard.テつ And I know that he'll be back sometime.

Q.テつ You guys, in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago you saw Rubio, and the way he's coming back from his injury, what are some of the impressions how he's adjusting?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ He's good.テつ I've always liked him from day one.テつ He gets guys involved.テつ He's good.テつ I've always liked his game.テつ He's going to make that team good.

Q.テつ With Kevin being out, you sometimes get a feel for just how valuable a guy is?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE:テつ I don't think nobody did understand how valuable he is to that franchise.テつ He's the leading scorer, a lead rebounder, All‑Star.テつ They definitely miss him.

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