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July 9, 1998

Bob Duval


BOB DUVAL: I like the golf course. It is a Jack Nicklaus golf course. It gives you wide driving areas. You have got to hit good iron shots. I think I missed one fairway in the first 14 holes and I didn't miss a green. I 3-putted No. 12. That was my only hiccup during the round. I missed the 15th green to the right. And, 16, I drove it in the rough and missed it just left, but made pars on both those holes. I had three lip-outs today, real power lip-outs, one on 17. I can't remember the other two holes, but one of them came right back at me. So, I hit 16 greens overall. So I played really good. I had that one bogey. It was the only bogey with a 3-putt.

DAVE SENKO Real quick, maybe we can go through your card. You started with a birdie on No. 2.

BOB DUVAL: No. 2, I made -- I hit driver and 8-iron behind the hole about 20 feet, made it. No. 6, made about 15, 20-footer there. 7, I hit it just short of the green, the par 5, didn't get it up-and-down there. 8, par 3, I had about ten feet there and missed it. 9, miss about a 15-footer. Then I hit it about three on 10 and birdied 10.

DAVE SENKO What did you hit?

BOB DUVAL: I hit driver and sand wedge on 10.

DAVE SENKO 3-putted 12, how far was the 3-putt.

BOB DUVAL: It was about probably 30 feet. It hit the top of the green just left of the hole, came back down into the front of the green and I jammed it by about four, five feet and missed it coming back. Then I made good putt on 13 for birdie, but I went for the green with a 2-iron. Didn't hit it very good. Hit it to the right and chipped it up about 15 feet, made it. Made a good 2-putt on 14. Hit 3-wood, 7-iron. It went just over the flag and then went right down bottom of the green and kept going left. So it was about 30 foot, 2-putted. Let's see, 14 -- 15, the par 3, I missed the green to the right with a 6-iron; chipped it about a foot. 16, hit 2-iron off the tee which I hit a bad club there, probably should have been a 3-wood. And hit it in the right rough really dead and hit the 8-iron over the green left and chipped it up, about eight, ten feet, made it for par. 17 I drove it. I was like 250 to the front edge, so my caddie won't let me go for it. I don't blame him. I hit 3-iron down there and hit sand wedge about six feet and had one come back at me. It just lipped out. And then 18 I haven't figured out how to play that hole yet. I tried to hit 3-wood at the tree and hook it, but I hit it today and faded it that. Was up on the hill. I had 175 yards to the flag and I was in the heavy rough and took an 8-iron; had a flying lie and hit it up and over the tree and it just happened to land five feet from the hole. So, I made birdie there. Could have been 5. Could have been 4. Turned out to be a 3, so I got lucky on the 18th hole.

Q. Is that how you are going to play it now?

BOB DUVAL: No. It is a lot easier out of the fairway, I found that out.

Q. This is your first competitive round. How can you make it better than 68 other than the 3-putt green?

BOB DUVAL: I will take today's round every day. I mean, the way I hit the ball, I missed I think, two fairways total and two greens total. I mean, you can't have a real bad score if you do that. You can have a real good one if you keep doing it, but I mean, I couldn't shoot -- the highest round I could have shot today was probably 70.

Q. A lot of red numbers up there. Pretty good playing conditions today?

BOB DUVAL: Yeah, the fairways are soft so they are not running through the fairways, your drivers or anything. And the greens are fairly soft so you can fly the ball at the hole. It is playing probably as easier as it could. It might be playing a little longer because it is soft but at least you can throw the ball at the hole and you know it is going to stop. So that is why it is playing probably a lot of red numbers up there. I don't know what is leading, 6, 5?




DAVE SENKO Anymore questions? I think we are all set.

BOB DUVAL: Good, thank you. Hope to see you Sunday.

End of FastScripts....

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