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February 15, 2013

Ryan Anderson


Q. テつ(Inaudible).
RYAN ANDERSON:テつ For me, my faith is a big deal, my relationship with God is the most important thing in my life. Obviously that is a staple for me.テつ That's something that gets me by day to day.

Q.テつ With all the distractions for kids today like video games, what advice do you have for kids to keep focused on success?
RYAN ANDERSON:テつ I'd say just to go out and play.テつ Go out and play sports with your buddies, experience nature. テつMe, I grew up kind of out in the middle of the woods.テつ So going out and playing, playing baseball or I used to play roller hockey, have you ever roller bladed?

Q.テつ Yes.
RYAN ANDERSON:テつ Play some hockey with your buddies, that's the key.

Q.テつ This is a very important question:テつ Who would you rather have on your team, Spiderman, Batman or Ironman, and why?
RYAN ANDERSON:テつ Okay.テつ Ironman.テつ Ironman has got the suit and he's fast.テつ I feel like he'd always make you laugh.テつ He's funny.テつ He's a funny guy. テつSo Ironman.

Q.テつ (Inaudible).
RYAN ANDERSON:テつ It's unbelievable to me that the NBA and the market has expanded around the globe and couldn't be happier to have fans in Africa.テつ That's awesome.テつ It's surreal to me.テつ So thank you.

Q.テつ Talk about your experience at All Star Weekend.
RYAN ANDERSON:テつ I've never done one until last year.テつ So obviously I lost last year.テつ But I've never experienced one up until that point.テつ And it's so different, but it was a blast.テつ I had a blast with it.テつ It's so unnatural to shoot off the rack, the timing, you have to figure which side of the rack you want to shoot off of it.

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