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February 15, 2013

Gerald Green


Q. テつHow does it feel to get yourself established in the league?
GERALD GREEN:テつ It feels great.テつ I feel like I finally have a home, outside of my original home.テつ I feel great to be with that organization.テつ I feel, actually, we have a good chance of winning ‑‑ we have a good chance to be a competitor.テつ My goal is to win the whole thing.テつ We're trying to make it to The Finals.テつ We feel like if we just keep doing the things that we're doing in practice and keep our aspirations in mind, we'll be okay.

Q.テつ Give us an idea how tough it's been to stay focused.
GERALD GREEN:テつ It's been tough.テつ Having to go overseas and me being bounced around.テつ One thing, I never lost confidence in myself.テつ I got to a point in my life that I feel that I never gave up on myself.

Q.テつ Do you really appreciate what you have now?テつ What do you have for the hometown fans in the Slam Dunk Contest?
GERALD GREEN:テつ You know, I've got a dunk that will really go down in history. テつThis dunk is going to be one of the best dunks of all times.

Q.テつ How long have you been practicing?
GERALD GREEN:テつ I just thought about it.テつ It's the little things I have to do ‑‑ hopefully I'll get it done.

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