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February 15, 2013

Terrence Ross


Q. テつWere you surprised you were picked where you were that night?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ No.テつ I kind of knew where I was going.

Q.テつ After the workouts you had a feeling you were going to go higher than people thought?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ I tried to give a lot to workouts.

Q.テつ A little bit of a slow start, but you seem to have found your niche, your role, your group.テつ Do you feel like the game is coming easier now?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ Yeah, most definitely.

Q.テつ Why is that?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ Because I've been here three or four months now, and the tempo is down, I'm getting used to the tempo, everything is going good.

Q.テつ How about the trade?テつ Are you getting to the point you know each other better?

Q.テつ Do you practice dunking?テつ How do you get ready for something like this?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ I practice.

Q.テつ By yourself?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ My teammates, they'll stay out there and give me advice and tell me what I should do.

Q.テつ Do you know what you're going to do tomorrow?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ They know.

Q.テつ Are you going to bring in a car or a ‑‑
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ No automobiles.

Q.テつ Did you watch the Slam Dunk Contest as a kid?

Q.テつ As you were a kid watching that did you say "I can do that"?
TERRENCE ROSS:テつ I still can't do lots of things I'm seen at Slam Dunk Contests in the past years.

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