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February 15, 2013

Dominique Wilkins


Q. テつDo you think that the League's incentive to get guys more interested in entering a contest will grow?
DOMINIQUE WILKINS:テつ It's ultimately up to you to give something back to ‑‑ more give it to the fans.テつ That's what all the contests are about.テつ When Mike and I did it, we loved to compete.テつ We loved to win.テつ It was exciting to us to prepare for the Dunk Contest.

Q.テつ It was really about the competition?
DOMINIQUE WILKINS:テつ Competition, and all the benefits came with that.テつ Man, we loved to compete.テつ The competition was, as they say, a mother, for real.テつ Guys brought it.テつ We had so many guys.テつ Man, we had some guys in there to do some things.

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