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February 15, 2013

Sam Cassell


Q. テつYou know Kevin Garnett probably better than anybody.テつ When he says this is his final All‑Star Game, how does that hit you?
SAM CASSELL:テつ Well, he's going to make the All‑Star Game next year.

Q.テつ So you don't believe him?
SAM CASSELL:テつ No.テつ Kevin has been telling me he's done for three years.テつ And the performance he put on the playoffs last year, you know, not amazing to me because I know Kevin, and I know the things he can do on a basketball court.テつ He's my all‑time No. 1 forward that played the game.テつ Everything he gets he deserves.
He's a great friend of mine.テつ We do talk a lot.テつ The day comes when he does retire ‑‑ I don't believe him.テつ I just don't believe him.テつ The guy is amazing.テつ I'm glad I had an opportunity to be his teammate and win a championship with him.

Q.テつ Did they break the mold when they made him?テつ I can't think of anybody else coming along and being quite like him.テつ He's a unique guy.
SAM CASSELL:テつ Well, he played at a level in the early '90s, mid‑'90s where the game was a battle.

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