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February 15, 2013

Anthony Davis


Q. テつAre you excited to have Shaq as your coach?
ANTHONY DAVIS:テつ Yeah.テつ He's definitely one of the guys you want to meet in your life.テつ He's a funny guy.

Q.テつ Are there are guys on your team you lean against or are mentoring you?
ANTHONY DAVIS:テつ Yeah, a lot of guys, they mentor me when I'm struggling.テつ When I'm playing great they make sure I keep a level head and keep working.

Q.テつ Obviously this being a big event, could you put a few words on the Olympic experience?
ANTHONY DAVIS:テつ Yeah, the Olympics was great.テつ A great experience for me.テつ I was 19 years old to go out there and be a part of that, the ring ceremony and just to be part of that.テつ It was a lifetime experience.テつ Hopefully I can be part of that again.

Q.テつ (Inaudible).
ANTHONY DAVIS:テつ We have a lot of great young guys in the league right now.テつ It's very competitive.テつ When you have great competitors like we all do, it makes the league even better.

Q.テつ How important is it as a first‑year rookie to play well?
ANTHONY DAVIS:テつ You just want to get your feet wet.テつ You want to get out there and see where your spots are on the floor, figure out how you want to play in the league.テつ You've got to go out there and just pick out new things and learn from the guys who do it the best.

Q.テつ As a young player in the league, what's this weekend mean to you?テつ What's it like being involved in all these things, among NBA's biggest stars?
ANTHONY DAVIS:テつ The weekend is going to be big.テつ Watching it years ago, and now being a part of it, it's a dream come true.テつ I just can't wait.テつ Next time I'm here, hopefully next year, hopefully can't wait to play in the All‑Star Game on Sunday.

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