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February 15, 2013

Klay Thompson


Q. テつWhen you think of Toronto, what do you think of?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ The first thing I think is how we've got to go through customs every time, it takes 40 minutes.テつ It's a great city.テつ We always look forward to going to Toronto.テつ Good fans.テつ They come out even when we're not doing so well.

Q.テつ We're trying to make an ultimate star, take one player and make him the ultimate star.テつ Who would you say would be the best scorer on the team?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ Best scorer?テつ Tyler.

Q.テつ Best rebounder?

Q.テつ Dunker at the rim?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ That's tough.テつ Harrison Barnes.

Q.テつ Talk about making it to your first All‑Star Weekend, what does that mean to you?
KLAY THOMPSON: テつIt's been a great experience.テつ I'm happy to have this chance this year.テつ It's awesome.

Q.テつ This is an environment where it's okay to be selfish, are you ready to put on a show?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ Yeah, I'm ready to put up some shots.テつ It should be fun.

Q.テつ How good can you guys be down the stretch the second half?
KLAY THOMPSON:テつ I think we can get there.テつ We got 16 of the last 22 games at home.

Q.テつ Did you see this team coming, did you see this Warrior team being as good as it was?
KLAY THOMPSON: テつYeah.テつ No doubt.

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