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February 15, 2013

Isaiah Thomas


Q. テつJust being here with this atmosphere, what is it like to not only be a part of the game, but just sitting here on this stage right now?
ISAIAH THOMAS:テつ It's a blessing.テつ The old‑time players that we used to watch on TV, and see Kobe and LeBron walking around, it's fun, it's a blessing, and we've got to take it all in.テつ You don't always get these opportunities.

Q.テつ How tough is it with all the media hovering?
ISAIAH THOMAS:テつ It's tough, especially for me.テつ In the situation I'm in, people want me to say things I just can't say.テつ Like I always tell people I love Sacramento, I love Seattle, and I'm never going to change that.テつ I can't control what happens.テつ And it's tough on my teammates, because we don't know really more than you guys know.テつ We don't know if anything is going to happen.テつ We just are out there, we've got to go out and play basketball.

Q.テつ But then you have to hear from your peers and your friends?
ISAIAH THOMAS:テつ It's nonstop.テつ For me, I know how to answer the questions.テつ I can't control it.テつ I've got to go out and play basketball.テつ I get the questions all day, every day.テつ I get texts every day, Twitter feeds and everything about, "are you happy to go back to Seattle?"テつ Are you this and that about Seattle.テつ I mean, I try not to comment too much, people might take it the wrong way.テつ I've got to play basketball.

Q.テつ The fans in Sacramento pretty much have taken to you from day one?
ISAIAH THOMAS:テつ I love the fans in Sacramento.テつ I can't thank them enough.テつ I am who I am today because of them.テつ They've shown me a lot of love.テつ But I also love the fans in Seattle.テつ I'm from that area.テつ It's a love/love situation.

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