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February 15, 2013

Tristan Thompson


Q. テつYou keep up with other Canadians in the NCAA?
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつ I keep tabs on them.テつ I think I'm probably the pioneer, I'm like the old guy.テつ I have to keep tabs on the young guys.

Q.テつ How important is that for you to see how guys are doing?
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつ Very important.テつ They get better and better for our country and trying to compete.テつ We're trying to compete and medal some day.

Q.テつ Have you seen the short sleeve jerseys from adidas?
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつ Whatever adidas got with the NBA, they've got to do, they've got to do.テつ It's going to be kind of different.

Q.テつ Do you like them?テつ You don't like them?
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつ I'll wear them for practice and see how it goes.テつ And then if they're comfortable, maybe try it out.テつ Honestly I like to keep basketball's tradition with the sleeves cut off.テつ Just show my guns.

Q.テつ People when they evaluate you, they thought rebounding and energy is going to translate at the NBA level.テつ You seem more comfortable out there this year.テつ What's been the biggest thing for you this year, as far as just raising your total game?
TRISTAN THOMPSON:テつ Well, first of all, Anderson, it's sad with his injury and whatnot, but it gave us opportunity for guys, all our young guys to play.テつ So with that being said, with the time and effort put in in the summertime, it's paying dividends.テつ Tyler is playing well, just putting the time and effort in every day; it's showing on the court.テつ And it's showing people that the Cavaliers, what our young players are doing to get better.

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