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May 27, 2001

Niclas Fasth


Q. Excellent 69 and you're very much in contention.

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I guess so. I haven't seen who is leading at the moment, but I just tried to hang in there all day.

Q. I think at this moment you are three behind. Will you be happy at the end of the day with that?

NICLAS FASTH: I'll be happy if they don't make any more birdies. That's great, to have a chance. I'll have to play a lot better than I did today, but it's a great tournament to be in there for the final day and I'm enjoying this.

Q. So why has this gone right for you this year, because it's never been a course that you've done particularly well on in the past, is it?

NICLAS FASTH: No, I've got a short game this year. Especially -- something we all know makes a lot of difference. Sometimes it hasn't come easy, but the greens are tough to read here.

Q. Lots of tricky pin positions, as well?

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, there a few that were really tough today, and with these firm greens, they didn't make it easy on us.

Q. One of the biggest tournaments on Tour, as we all know. How will you feel tomorrow if you really are in contention going down?

NICLAS FASTH: Hopefully very excited. That's part of the game. I usually enjoy this very much. I'm sure it will be great.

Q. I think I'm right in saying in past years you haven't necessarily enjoyed yourself over this course?

NICLAS FASTH: No, it hasn't been my best tournament through the years. Had one or two finishes, but nothing good. No, it's a lot better this year. Especially the short game is working much better on these greens that are very good, but very hard to read sometimes, and I've mastered it better this year.

Q. So as a man who has enjoyed himself in the Madeira and recently a Top-10 in Portugal --

NICLAS FASTH: I'm enjoying it. This is a beautiful place this time of year. This is when you really love to be here. It's so beautiful. And, of course, the sunshine makes a big difference.

Q. Got to be terrific for your countrymen as well, Stenson, Karlsson, would be nice to be the third?

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I really appreciate their performances so far, and I would like to be in there among the winners. I feel I will have to play a lot better tomorrow than I did today to have a chance in this, but it's a great tournament to be in there on the last day, and I'm enjoying it very much.

Q. So how do you approach the last day?

NICLAS FASTH: Just prepare like normally. I worked out today. Just maybe a light workout tomorrow before I go out to get the body going, some tension away maybe, and then it's just normal preparation. I'll practice a little tonight on the tee shots, in particular.

Q. No extra attack in mind? It's a matter of seeing how it goes?

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah. It's not a situation where you can attack, it, really because the greens are so firm. And being on the fairway, you can attack some of the pins, but from the fairway, you can't really go for it. It's very tough.

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