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February 10, 2013

James Hahn


Q.  Another great tournament for you, you have to be enjoying this rookie season?
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, it's been great so far, five of five cuts.  This week was the best tournament I've had so far.
But being so close to winning a golf tournament, playing in the final group, it's a little bittersweet.

Q.  Still a great learning experience playing in that final group to see Brandt.
JAMES HAHN:  Just being around him and seeing how he conducts himself, he's an inspiration.  He's won a golf tournament today and he deserved it.

Q.  What did you learn about your golf game today?
JAMES HAHN:  I need to work on my putting.  He rolled them in early.  I didn't, and he rolled them in late and I didn't.  He birdied 17 and I didn't.  That's kind of the difference.  One roll here or there, a couple putts, and momentum goes the right way and he took advantage of that.

Q.  Any nerves?
JAMES HAHN:  No.  Today I putted well.  I hit my lines on hole 2 and 3.  Missed an eagle putt and birdie putt and felt like both of them had a really goodness chance going in.
From there, you miss a couple early, the hole starts shrinking on you.  So it was hard to get them in.  Just didn't have momentum going early, but I hung in there.

Q.  How fun was it, being from the area and having a lot of friends watching?
JAMES HAHN:  It was fun.  Had a lot of friends and family out there today.  It was fun being in the lead group and everybody cheering for me, and definitely want to do it again.

Q.  Yesterday you said you wanted to learn from Snedeker.  What did you learn?
JAMES HAHN:  I learned that he is a better guy than he is a golfer.  The dude is world class.  He's obviously one of the best, if not the best golfer right now, and possibly for the last year.
But how he conducts himself as a person on and off the golf course, that's also world class.  He's a great role model, and just unbelievable golfer and he deserved to win today.

Q.  When did you figure out he wasn't going to let you catch him today?
JAMES HAHN:  Let's see, hole 6 and 7 is really when he made a move.  I bogeyed 5, he birdied 6 and 7.  So I felt lithe that was kind of the turning point.  I'm sure if you ask him, it was never a doubt that he was going to win the golf tournament.
You know, I did see his interview last night and I knew that that was his game plan coming in today and I kind of made that my game plan, but I put good strokes on holes 2 and 3 and the putts just didn't fall.  Bad swing on 5, made bogey, and put myself in a bad position on 6 and 7.
So with everything being as it is, he took advantage where you should take advantage, and I didn't.  So I felt like that was where he won the golf tournament.

Q.  Looked like you had the line on 1, as well?
JAMES HAHN:  I don't expect to make all 25‑footers, but I had the line on 1, left it short.
Hole two, broke a little more than I thought.  And hole three, it hit a footprint and stayed right.  So I put a lot of good strokes on the ball today, so you know, happy about that.

Q.  Is it frustrating that the putting, you putted so well the last three days‑‑ or is it encouraging you hit the ball well today?
JAMES HAHN:  Putting on poa annua, you can't expect to make them all.  Putting on poa annua, you can't expect to make even one.  You just put a good stroke on it and if they fall in, they fall in.  I'm sure that Brandt read them better than I did today.
You know, there were a bunch of miss‑reads that I have today, but I'm coming off Spyglass; greens are faster, smoother, and they break more.  So coming out to Pebble, I've always had a hard time reading these greens.  They don't break as much and they are a little slower.  So it took me a couple holes to figure that out.

Q.  He said he felt like he had an advantage playing back‑to‑back days; do you feel the same way?
JAMES HAHN:  Yes, absolutely.  I didn't know how firm the greens were.  First hole, left it short.  It was a makeable birdie putt and left it short.  Scared it was going to run away like it did at MPC and Spyglass.
Hole 2 and 3, I felt like I read them right but they just didn't go in.  All day today I was reading them a little too much and my speed was off.  I feel like that kind of goes with playing a different course and not having played this course since Thursday.

Q.  Coming down the stretch when it's clear that you're not going to catch him, do you find yourself thinking Top‑10, next week, or you want to finish second; what's going through your mind?
JAMES HAHN:  The same process.  I want to commit to my shot.  I want to pull the right clubs and visualize and execute the way I see it.  You know, obviously I think making the turn, I kind of knew that I didn't have a chance and my brother and I were talking about going for second, going for third and then just making little goals within the big goal.
Obviously it's not over until it's over, but I wanted to birdie all the holes coming in and left a putt on 17 short, and 18, I hit a horrible wedge shot and it cost me.

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