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February 9, 2013

Chris Kirk


Q.  How are you feeling about getting ready for tomorrow?  Are you going to get out on the range and practice?
CHRIS KIRK:  No, I'm pretty tired.  I think I'll just go sit down somewhere.  No more practice for me.

Q.  So you're just going to hit the links tomorrow and see how things go from there?

Q.  You had a couple 3‑putts today but quite a few 1‑putts.  Your putting was pretty good?
CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, I played well.  My 3‑putt on the first hole today, No. 10, I hit a good second shot to get it on the front edge of the green and just had a really long eagle putt and left it a little bit short.  Not a difficult one to 3‑putt.  But yeah, No. 7, next to last hole, had a 3‑putt from the fringe.  But at that point so many people playing, so many people walking the greens, they kind of got a little bit bumpy towards the end.  That's the way it goes.

Q.  So what are you thinking about, do you have a strategy for Pebble tomorrow?
CHRIS KIRK:  Try to shoot a lower score than the other guys.  That's about it.

Q.  You've gotten progressively better throughout the week; are you just hoping to continue that trend tomorrow?
CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, I felt really good about my swing today.  I hit a lot of really good shots.  I think I hit three iron shots inside of a foot today.  Just was able to have some easy birdies that way.  Makes it a little more stress‑free.

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