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February 9, 2013

Webb Simpson


Q.  Great 7‑under par 65, I know you hate finishing with a bogey on 18, but had to be a really good day out there.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was.  It's kind of the round I've been looking for all year.  Started out, played so bad at Monterey, first round, but today got things going and made putts.  Just a reminder that to play good, you've got to hit good shots and make putts.  It's pretty simple.
But 18, pulled it off the tee, and it covered, so I thought we were fine.  I thought it was actually perfect.  But then forgot about that sliver of kind of the ocean comes in a little.  So unfortunate to finish with a six but my wife told me this morning, shoot 7‑under, and I told her I bogeyed the last for her.

Q.  You've struggled a little bit this year; what have you been struggling with?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Just not really getting anything going.  We finished 11th the first week and never broke 70 and we finished 20th in Hawai'i and played good, but just never got it going.
The Hope, I played good the final round, but other than that, you know, the way these courses are, birdies are out there and I'm not making them, so it was good to get a few and see how it felt.

Q.  It's a pretty special place and a beautiful day, playing with Andy Garcia, how was that?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was fun.  The crowds come out, they are awesome, the weather is awesome, the scenery is awesome and Clay and Andy are fun to play with.  I told Andy, I want to play with him again next year.

Q.  A lot of the players in the field would take eight birdies for three days and you did that today.  What was working so well for you?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I made the putts.  Made a lot of putts.  I hit it really well off the tee, which is what I've been struggling with this week.  Haven't been hitting fairways and you have to hit fairways out here.  I would have shot 64, but my wife this morning told me to shoot 7‑under.  I was on 18, figure, I'll make the wife happy and make bogey on the last.  I wish I could have said:  Sorry, Sweetie, 63 will have to do. 

Q.  Going into Sunday, what does this do about your mind‑set and aggressiveness heading into tomorrow, playing the same golf course?
WEBB SIMPSON:  The thing I did today, I didn't come out trying to shoot a low number.  I came out trying to hit one shot at a time.  I look back at my best rounds on TOUR, and those are the rounds where I just kind of relaxed and took it one hole at a time and that's what I'm going to do to do tomorrow.
Brandt seems like he's playing great golf and in great control of his game.  I don't know how many he's leading by, three or four or so, he'll be tough to catch but you never know in the final round.

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