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February 8, 2013

John Merrick


Q.  Just talk about the round and what was going well today?
JOHN MERRICK:  Just putted better the last couple days.  I just struggled with the flat stick early on this year, and felt like I'm hitting the ball okay.
Actually felt like I hit the ball better last week than in the desert, but just putting better.  Making more putts.  Just worked on a couple things and it's working right now, so just rolling the ball better.

Q.  What was conditions like today?
JOHN MERRICK:  It was tough.  It was obviously raining in our warmup.  Pretty cool once the clouds block the sun; it drops a good ten, 15 degrees.  It got sunny kind of after the first five or six holes and then got a little breezy at the end, but overall conditions were pretty good.

Q.  Thoughts going into tomorrow?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, Spyglass, I like the golf course over there.  Got a good group going and excited for tomorrow.  Just try to keep it going with my putting and hopefully it works out.

Q.  Which of the three courses historically stands out for you?
JOHN MERRICK:  I'm trying to think, I think I've played Spyglass but I don't know if one stands out that I played the best.
But I feel comfortable on Spyglass.  I've played a lot of rounds there, and I think it's going to be a nicer day tomorrow.  Warming up today, we were thinking that we were in for the long haul raining, but luckily it just rained in our warm up.

Q.  And kind of going back to today's round and yesterday, similar rounds?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, you know, I made some good putts.  I made some tough putts today, breaking putts that were pretty long, 15, 20 feet, and I hit the ball a little bit better yesterday at Pebble.  Just when it gets cold, wearing all of the layers, it's kind of tough to warm up and get loose.  But definitely my putting.  I hit the ball okay in spots but not as solid as I would like to.

Q.  Have you been doing anything different with your putting?
JOHN MERRICK:  Just a couple things.  Just kind of lighten up my hands a little bit and just got more aggressive.  I think I was a little bit too tight over it and then just trying to be too careful with my stroke.  So it's kind of lightened up, my grip pressure just trying to be more aggressive, and it's working so far.

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