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February 3, 2013

Thiago Alves

Joao Zwetsch


4‑6, 6‑3, 6‑4, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Could you go ahead and talk about the general match today, how you felt going four sets with him.
THIAGO ALVES:テつ So was a great match.テつ Sam is a great player.
The first set I got my chance, so I think he was a little bit tense, nervous.テつ After that he start to play better tennis.テつ I fight for all the match, all the match.

Q.テつ How pleased are you with your play here this weekend?
THIAGO ALVES:テつ My ranking is 145, something like this.テつ I think the style I play, I play that level.テつ I play two guys under 20 in the world.テつ I think I play great tennis here.

Q.テつ Your overall impressions on Brazil's effort this weekend?
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ Well, I would like to congratulate the United States for the victory.テつ They have a great team.テつ Two guys top 20, number one doubles in the world.
I would like to congratulate my team, too, for the great fight we have here.テつ We come back from the first day here, we had 2‑Love down.テつ Bad thing about this first day.テつ But we rebuild our team, came close together again, and fought for every point today until the last point of Thiago's match.
I'm very pleased.テつ We did our best.テつ That's what matters for us.テつ I mean, we tried very hard, very fought very hard to try to get it.テつ All the credit's to the U.S. team.

Q.テつ John was saying there might have been a little gamesmanship in the match with Bellucci, that the bench was saying things during his service points, said the bench was being rude.テつ Your response?
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ I didn't see that.テつ I didn't see that.テつ John is not playing his best tennis here probably.テつ Thomaz played really good today.テつ The match was like very close.テつ He had a good chance to win the third set, improve his game after that.
But Thomaz came back strong and dominate the match after the third set.テつ Didn't really give too many chances to John.
I really didn't see it could have anything involved in the result of the game, you know.テつ Like we say in Brazil, Cry is free.テつ You can cry as much as you want.テつ But Thomaz beated him playing tennis, that's all.

Q.テつ In the fourth set, he had match point.テつ You saved the match point and came back.テつ Did you think you had a little more momentum going into the tiebreaker, that you would win the tiebreaker and move on?
THIAGO ALVES:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I was fighting for that.テつ I was feeling I (indiscernible) beat him.テつ I was playing a great tennis today.テつ In the tiebreak, two points make the difference.テつ I make two mistakes and was the decision.

Q.テつ How emotional is this?テつ What was it like there with your teammates after coming so close and fighting back and not winning?
THIAGO ALVES:テつ When we play the Davis Cup, for me it's really different than when I play in the circuit.テつ I feel many different emotions in the court.テつ I think I not just playing for me, I'm playing for everybody here because we are a group and we fight a lot.
Everybody did all the best all the week trying to win this tie.テつ Everybody was like this.テつ When I get on the court, I can feel this energy.テつ I was feeling today.テつ It's different.テつ I can say to you it's really different.
In Brazil we have big hearts.
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ I would like to thank the USTA and all the people that were involved in the organization of this event.テつ We have a great support.テつ Especially to Mike.テつ Thank you very much for everything.テつ We wish the USA luck in the next round.

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