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February 2, 2013

Brendan Steele


Q.  It looks like you're just easing into this season, getting better every week.
BRENDAN STEELE:  I felt like I was really ready to play at Humana.  It was the best I ever felt leading into a tournament.  The first couple days just didn't go my way.
One of those things with golf, you never know.  The practice can be one way, and it can go the other way, too, when you don't feel very good and you have a good week.  I played some pretty good golf, just a few things missing here and there.  So far this week it's coming together.

Q.  You played well here last year.  You like this golf course.  What about the atmosphere?  Is it something you embrace?
BRENDAN STEELE:  I definitely embrace it.  It's a lot of work, especially when you play with a guy like Bubba.  I feel like I just got yelled at for five straight hours.  It was a lot of fun today.  Crowds unlike anything I have ever seen.  Hopefully they'll be back tomorrow, and we will have a lot of fun before the Super Bowl.

Q.  You're now going to play late enough you might miss the first quarter tomorrow.  Does that bother you?
BRENDAN STEELE:  No, that's okay.  That's  what we're out here for.  We will catch up with highlights from the first quarter and get into the game from there.  We just want to play a good round tomorrow, and it's good to be late on Sunday.

Q.  Do you have a pick?
BRENDAN STEELE:  God, I don't know.  I think the Ravens win.

Q.  You're the only one all week that said Ravens.
BRENDAN STEELE:  I think they have more passion.  We'll see.

Q.  It will be interesting.  Good luck tomorrow.

Q.  Talk about your round today and how that went.  You played very well today.
BRENDAN STEELE:  I played well, kind of got out of my own way, just embraced the crowd a little bit and just tried to go one shot at a time.  It was a lot of work, you know, playing with Bubba and how many people he got out there just yelling for him the whole time, you know.
It's tough.  It can be a challenge.  There's a lot of noise going on, but luckily that kind of stuff doesn't bother me.

Q.  You said you have to embrace this crowd to get through it?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Absolutely.  If you don't embrace this moment, then you hear every noise that's going on, you will struggle this week.  If you say, Hey, I know there's going to be noise, everybody is excited, they're happy to be out here, I'm happy to be here too, then it works out in your favor.

Q.  Close to 20,000 people out on 16.  What was that like for you today?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, it was pretty wild.  The ball really travels there.  I think it's the adrenaline.  We were trying to play it a little bit short there, and I put it maybe 20 feet short of the hole and it almost went in, I guess.  Happy to see it get that close, but we weren't trying to get it back there.

Q.  Did your caddy get involved in the caddy races out there?
BRENDAN STEELE:  He dropped the bag about a hundred yards from the green and took off but couldn't catch up with Ted.

Q.  He lost?
BRENDAN STEELE:  But he gave it a good effort.  As long as they see a good effort, I think it's okay.  If you kind of dog it, they'll let you hear it.

Q.  Bubba, we just talked to him and talked about that crowd and that support he has.  Were you able to feed off that a bit?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, a little bit.  The good thing is they cheer for when you get a good shot, too.  They yell for Bubba in between shots, and that's fine, and then when you make a birdie they cheer for you, so that's all good.

Q.  A lot of golfers say this is fun because it's different from any other tournament we play in.  Do you feel the same way?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, definitely.  It's a completely different atmosphere.  I think people who come to this event think it's this way all the time, but this is unlike anything else.

Q.  Is it fun?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, it's a lot of fun.  I love it here.

Q.  Would you like to see this more on the TOUR or less?
BRENDAN STEELE:  I think you could see it a little bit more.  It might lose its luster.  This is kind of the thing in Phoenix.  I'd hate to see it jump out somewhere else and people to lose interest here.  I think they have really done a great job.  I think they should keep it up.

Q.  Great round.  You're in striking distance to maybe win this thing tomorrow.  What do you do to relax and play your game?
BRENDAN STEELE:  I'm going to go take a nap right now.  I'm very tired and mentally exhausted out there today.  Tomorrow I'm just going to play my own game.  I know if Phil plays well, then he's probably going to be too far ahead of me to catch.  But if I go play a good round, maybe I can give him something to think about.

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