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February 2, 2013

Marcelo Melo

Bruno Soares

Joao Zwetsch


7‑6, 6‑7, 6‑4, 3‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Throughout the whole week the U.S. captain said, Don't think that the Bryans are a sure thing because they just won their 13th Australian Open and more titles than anyone else.テつ He felt like you were really tough and you've beaten them.テつ Talk about what in their game you might like or feel you have an advantage on.
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Well, there's no doubt on paper they're a better team than us.テつ But like you said, we got a good record against them.テつ And I think it's tough to say.テつ It's tough to say that our game suits their game and vice versa.
I mean, we came here today to fight.テつ We know we play well together.テつ We never give up.テつ So I think today was just a perfect example how good me and Marcelo can play together.
To beat these guys, you have to be 110%.テつ Today we showed we were 110%, most important for five sets.テつ We didn't drop for one second.テつ Even on strange situations, things that happened at the end of the second set, we managed to keep focused and keep fighting and play our game without any distraction.

Q.テつ Bruno, did you try to take away Mike Bryan's return of serve down the middle?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Yes.テつ Mike is one of the best returners in the game.テつ We know we have to mix it up, take chances, serve in a spot that you don't really feel comfortable, but you got to do it.テつ He can hit any return anywhere.テつ So I think what we tried to do a lot is to play the 'I' position and mix it up a lot.
It's tough.テつ He returns really good.テつ You got to be really sharp on serve and on the first volley.テつ But, I mean, great credit to Marcelo because he helps me a lot.テつ When I'm serving, he's big, has great hands.テつ That added some pressure to Mike's return.テつ I felt sometimes he went for too much on a couple key points.

Q.テつ One of the early key moments was in the first set tiebreaker, three set points that you fought off.テつ Talk about what happened there.
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Definitely, the Bryans, one thing they're really good at, when they take the lead, they just keep playing better and better.テつ We felt like that could happen the end of the first set.
We managed to come back.テつ It was very important for us 'cause we kept the pressure on them.テつ You never know, it's tough to say, but I think if they had won the first set, they would come back really strong, and then it's really tough to hold them back.
But at the same time, second set was the same thing.テつ We had three set points.テつ Exactly same thing as the first set.テつ It went their way.
Like I said, I mean, credit for us that we kept concentrating, focused on our game, our team, the whole match.テつ No distractions, nothing.テつ We held our game plan and kept fighting all the way.

Q.テつ Could you describe what happened at the end of the second set from your perspective, after they won the breaker, an exchange between the teams.
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Well, from them, not from us.テつ We played our game.テつ Marcelo could explain better.テつ He can say.テつ He was with him.
He's bigger and stronger than me, so I just ran away (laughter).
MARCELO MELO:テつ No, was 6‑All in the tiebreaker in the second, I felt strange Bob's reaction.テつ Just running, too close from me, screaming on my ear.テつ I don't know what's happened like that, you know.
Bob never did this before.テつ We have really good relationship.テつ I have him as a friend.テつ In that moment I got in shock, How Bob did this, is not normal.
At the same time I want to see like the video again to see if he did it to me or to the crowd.テつ If the guy do to the crowd is okay.テつ It's not okay, but it's not words to say to another player.
Sometimes you get like nervous, the crowd is too strong ‑ not too strong.テつ But when you do directly to the players, I think there's a problem.テつ If you do to the crowd, could be okay.
So was strange.テつ I was like in shock.テつ But as Bruno said, we keep in our game.テつ We didn't like ‑ I don't know how to say ‑ went out from the match mentally.テつ Just kept doing, playing, even if we lost the set.テつ So was like this.
I don't know why he did this.

Q.テつ Joao, still two more points needed.テつ Talk about tomorrow.
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ Well, yeah, still fighting like we said yesterday.テつ We will come here today still fighting hard to get this point, be alive on Sunday to play the last two games, last two matches.
We're going to come strong tomorrow, motivation.テつ This kind of match, this kind of victory, puts you on a high level with motivation.テつ Our team felt this.テつ We still respecting a lot the American team, like I said all the time this week.テつ But I guess we are like stronger mentally now to come tomorrow and fight as we fight today.

Q.テつ Bruno, Marcelo, does this win rank as good as any you've had in doubles?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Rank number one, for sure.テつ Beat Bryans on a Davis Cup World Group in their home.テつ Tough to beat that.テつ Maybe later on our career we hope to have some good wins as good as this one.テつ But this one for me, it's very special.テつ It's number one, for sure.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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