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February 2, 2013

Felipe Aguilar


Q.テつ Tell me about how you feel with a round of 66 to move up the board like that?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ It was good.テつ It was a really good round.テつ I played quite solid today.テつ Hit a lot of greens, made some really good putts and I missed whatever I could actually miss.テつ So I'm quite pleased with today's round.テつ I think it wasn't easy conditions.テつ You know, you had this little rain coming in and out the whole time but it was a fun day of golf.

Q.テつ A little rain; we don't expect any rain in Dubai, so what difference did it make for you?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Well, the greens were a little bit softer, maybe not as fast as they could have been.テつ But yeah, when you come to Dubai, you don't really expect the rain to come.テつ This is the first time I've got rain‑‑ I remember one time in Qatar we got a hailstorm.テつ But besides that, it was a pretty dry week.テつ I didn't even bring an umbrella.テつ I had to use an umbrella this morning.

Q.テつ This round has been coming, you've been in nice shape?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yes, I've been playing okay so hopefully it will stay for 18 more holes and we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q.テつ Will you look to that leaderboard?テつ Fancy your chances?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ I do.テつ I do.テつ I like to be behind because I have absolutely nothing to lose.テつ I notice that there are some really good players out there, so it's everything on my hands now.

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