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February 1, 2013

Thiago Alves

Joao Zwetsch


J. ISNER/T. Alvez
6‑3, 7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ General comments about what happened in this second match.
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ Well, in the second match, it was pretty exciting.テつ I think Thiago played a very good match.テつ He had chances in the second set to win and maybe change a little bit the story of this match.
But then John starts to serve aces, some more aces, then some more aces.テつ It's tough.テつ It's tough to play against guys who play like him.テつ Gives you not rhythm, almost no rhythm in the game.テつ I mean, they serve like really, really good.
But I'm very happy with this game.テつ I think Thiago made a great match.

Q.テつ Thiago, could you talk about the second set tiebreaker.テつ You're up 3‑1, but it seemed like whenever John was in trouble, he would come up and get an ace.
THIAGO ALVEZ:テつ So in the second set I play really good I think.テつ I had my chances.テつ So we are fighting for this, to have the chances.テつ When I got the chances, John served aces.テつ So we try to decide where he going to serve.テつ But it's tough when the guy is tall like him.テつ So you have to make sometimes a choice which side you go.
He served really good in the tiebreak.テつ I had 3‑1.テつ But was the same:テつ he was serving good.テつ My serve is not like this.テつ I have to fight for all the points.テつ He had good points to win my serve.

Q.テつ Was this a day where the competition, both of them, just had serves that your guys couldn't compete with?
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ Yeah.テつ I mean, the first match I think Sam served really good, solid from the baseline, serving really good.テつ Thomaz couldn't get in the match.テつ Thomaz is a dangerous player when he can feel his shots.テつ He couldn't do it.テつ I think he couldn't do this in any part of this game, this match.
It was a great match.テつ I mean, Sam served really good.テつ Very good, I guess.テつ It's really difficult to play against guys who play like Sam and John because they pressure, they pressure all the time.テつ Even the guy who serves well as Thomaz, when you go away from the match three, four minutes, a break down, it's tough to get back.
So it's a difficult situation for us.テつ Our players, we have a different characteristic.テつ We play more from baseline.テつ We are not great servers than they are.テつ So the court is fast and it gets tough sometimes to go and play the points and just get in the points, enter into the points.
But that's it.テつ That's Davis Cup.テつ United States, they were smart, intelligent on their choices.テつ So 2‑Love up on the first day.テつ But we still fighting.

Q.テつ This is the first time Brazil has been in the Davis Cup in a number of years.テつ Is it something where you build on the experience here, too, as you go forward?テつ Obviously you're looking to bounce back on Sunday.テつ You can look beyond that, too.
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ Sure.テつ We fought hard from 10 years to come back to the World Group.テつ We did it last year.テつ We know in the World Group, I mean, we have all the best countries, best teams playing on Davis Cup.テつ We have to fight a lot to try to stay on the World Group.テつ Even we still have our chances on this tie.
Tomorrow is a key match.テつ I think it's going to be a very, very close match.テつ Both doubles, both teams, they are playing really good.テつ We probably going to have a great match.テつ Depends who wins, but we going to have a great tennis tomorrow probably.
We're looking to learn a lot of things about Davis Cup, about come back, about the level of the World Group.テつ We're looking for stay here in the World Group for many years.

Q.テつ When the surface is really fast, they're serving really big, is the strategy for your players to try to go for more winners and play more aggressive or do you have them try to extend the points as long as they can?
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ No, we're trying to be more aggressive.テつ That's our chance.テつ We cannot expect to come here and play against guys like John and Sam that pressure you all the time, like I said, keep giving balls to them to play.テつ That's why I'm talking, it's not so easy for us to do this.テつ We're not used to do.テつ It's not so natural for us.
But I think the guys, they tried really hard.テつ Thiago had a great match.テつ Thomaz didn't play well, but also we have to give the credits to Sam that played a great match.
It's tough.テつ We're trying to be aggressive, more aggressive, trying to adapt our own way to play to the conditions we have here.テつ Unfortunately today it didn't work very well.
Like I said, we still fighting.

Q.テつ Thiago, to have your chances in the second set, how does it feel even though you didn't get the win?
THIAGO ALVEZ:テつ I'm happy the way I play.テつ I gave all I have in the court.テつ It's tough to play against John.テつ He's one of the best players in this kind of surface. テつSo in my chances I couldn't play, he didn't let me to play.テつ It's tough when it's like this.
My serves was okay, too.テつ I'm happy the way I play, but I'm sad we lost.

Q.テつ Thiago, it looked like you were reading John's serve well, you were blocking it back.テつ Have you faced anyone whose serve is like that that gave you some practice?
THIAGO ALVEZ:テつ The other tie I play Davis Cup was against Croatia, and I play Karlovic.テつ They just call me when they have these problems (laughter).
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ Just a coincidence.
THIAGO ALVEZ:テつ It's okay.テつ I play Karlovic before.テつ We are practicing a lot the way to play today, the way I had to play today.テつ I think was good because we did a good job for all the week.
CAPTAIN ZWETSCH:テつ We put our player three steps inside the court (laughter).

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