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February 1, 2013

Chris Doak


Q.  It's sometimes difficult to follow one low round with another really good one and you've played 36 holes without a bogey; how chuffed with your days work?
CHRIS DOAK:  Ecstatic today.  Just played solid again.  Holed a few good clutch putts, as well, for par, which was good to do that as well.  So, yeah, good start.

Q.  Give us a sense of conditions out there.  Clearly the breeze is getting up?
CHRIS DOAK:  The breeze is getting up.  The clubbing is quite tricky, especially downwind.  Some days you think the ball will release and it just grabs in, so it's getting trickier.

Q.  You're a new name to some of our viewers and I know you work with Bob Torrance; what are some strengths of your game?
CHRIS DOAK:¬† Now I know a wee bit more about my swing, working with Bob taught me that, I had not had a coach before.¬† I know what I'm doing with my swing if something is wrong on the course.¬† Ball‑striking has improved.¬† When the ball‑striking is improved, you're more mentally strong, so it's definitely a big, huge benefit.

Q.  What sort of goals and targets did you set yourself coming into this season?
CHRIS DOAK:¬† Well, really just to enjoy it.¬† The first time I really didn't enjoy it but I've played‑‑ been out here for four years now and on The Challenge Tour and really enjoyed it.

Q.  Can I take it that you're a very satisfied man after these 36 holes?
CHRIS DOAK:  Definitely.  Especially the wind getting up now, it's good to be in, pleased with that.

Q.  Any time with no bogeys on the card is satisfying but I guess with the wind picking up, all the more so?
CHRIS DOAK:  Definitely.  That's the other thing I've been trying to do is just eliminate the mistakes, so no mistakes with no bogeys on the card.

Q.  Sounds easier said than done.  What is it you are doing to eliminate those?
CHRIS DOAK:  I've got a good caddie on the bag now, been working with Bob Torrance, so the discussion with Bob is narrow and I know where it's going these days.

Q.  Does it suggest that you are not taking the risks that you might have done in the past, as well?
CHRIS DOAK:  You know, my caddie edges me away from certain flags whereas in the past, maybe I would go for them.  Probably a wee bit better course management.

Q.  What are your thoughts on leading a tournament, particularly a tournament as prestigious as this one?
CHRIS DOAK:  It's great to be in that position.  But still another two days to go.  So just enjoying it, and my wife is over with me, my wife to be, as she'd say.  So we are just enjoying Dubai and what it has to offer.

Q.  That's due later this year; you're seriously considering moving here?
CHRIS DOAK:  Well, definitely come out here for practice and take it from there.  But definitely loving it here this week.

Q.¬† I have to ask, because somebody told me you're not a spring chicken anymore, what are the thoughts on being a 34‑year‑old and still in a sense trying to make your name out in this game?
CHRIS DOAK:  I mean, it's not like football.  I can't think of the names at the moment but there's a lot of guys that their careers have started at 35, 36.  So I'm a young younger than these guys, so look at it that way.

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