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May 24, 2003

Niclas Fasth


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, you're going into the last round of the Volvo PGA in the last group with Trevor. I think it's fair to say, you made a great comeback after a double-bogey there at 15.

NICLAS FASTH: Thanks, yeah. It was a good effort to get back into it again. Obviously it's much better for tomorrow after the finish. I felt that I had not really got the scoring going today as good as I would have liked anyway and that double-bogey really could have killed me but I chose to really fight back. I was very happy about it.

GORDON SIMPSON: What happened at 15?

NICLAS FASTH: It was a straightforward shot. I still feel I chose the right shot. I just missed it in the wrong spot unfortunately. That's the way it is sometimes. You hope it doesn't happen to you so you have to make a double-bogey. A little bit unlucky and not a good shot, obviously.

GORDON SIMPSON: You were over the ball ready to play at 18 when you had to back off again.

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, it was a mobile phone that went off. It may have saved me because the wind picked up, so time to change clubs.

GORDON SIMPSON: What did you change from and to?

NICLAS FASTH: From 5-wood to 3-wood. The wind picked up, the rain picked up and it turned out to be the right choice.

Q. Can you go through the 15th hole for us?

NICLAS FASTH: 3-wood down the fairway and I blocked a 6-iron right of the green. Two chips and two putts.

Q. What happened to the first chip?


GORDON SIMPSON: Last Sunday, you started 6-under after six. What would you give for that tomorrow.

NICLAS FASTH: Anything. Anything. The first few holes are tricky. One, 1, 2 and 3 can be tough and I have been over par on those holes every day pretty much. Better start would really help matters tomorrow. Also if I could just manage to avoid bogeys better, I know I'm making enough birdies to be in with a good chance tomorrow.

Q. You were talking about your mental toughness when you were in here yesterday, and I guess that speaks volumes, really, from the way you finished today.

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, it's quite true. You have to be strong to do that. It's so much easier to lie down and die. You have to be strong to fight and to not lose your temper too much. And you are not always rewarded, either. So that's why it's so hard. If you knew you would be rewarded for really trying hard, everybody would do it all the time. This is a tough game.

Q. When you arrived here to play your round and you saw there was some very, very good scores, is that an impetus for you, that you can go out and shoot a low one today?

NICLAS FASTH: In general, it is tough for the last few guys going out, looking at the leaderboard already four behind or something. That was not the case today. But in a tournament like this, with all of the good players here, you've got to expect to have to shoot low scores to have any chance to win it. That is what's going to happen tomorrow. Somebody is going to shoot a really low one. If it's me or Trevor up in front, nobody is going to catch us, but it may very well be somebody else. And that was the case today, as well. A couple of guys played their way into contention.

That's what's going to happen in a big event, especially with the conditions today, it may have given some players a second chance to get into the tournament again. If it kept blowing really hard, it would have been a lot tougher to go out and shoot 65.

Q. You're two behind your playing partner tomorrow; do you think the pressure will be on you to catch up?

NICLAS FASTH: Of course. But as we all know, two shots can be a lot or nothing, and we have 18 holes to play.

I'm sure we'll all go out and play and just give it our best. Of course, I mean, I have to do more than Trevor to win. But again, things can change very quickly one way or the other.

Q. And what will your strategy be tomorrow, to get over those first few holes that you've had problems with this week?

NICLAS FASTH: Well, I try not to think of it that way, but I mean, obviously, I feel really comfortable with my game, which is great, obviously. I just want to get the game going and play well. I hit it close on the second hole two days in a row now, even had a chance on the first today. You never know where the birdies are going to come. You really never know at all. I birdied No. 3 one day, two of the toughest pins so far. So, you never know.

GORDON SIMPSON: Well, tomorrow we shall see. Have a good day and play well.

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