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June 6, 2003

Niclas Fasth


TODD BUDNICK: Niclas Fasth is at 6-under par for the tournament. Niclas made a great run today, 4 birdies and just one bogey. Talk a little bit about your day.

NICLAS FASTH: It was very steady round. I hit -- I missed one fairway all day, and I missed my second green on 18. So very steady, lots of chances. I played pretty good out there. The birdies were short putts. I hit like three or four shots really close from the fairway, and putter was working fine, though I didn't hole any long ones today. It's looking good. The game is there, and it was not a spectacular round, but two decent rounds get me in the hunt for the weekend.

TODD BUDNICK: Talk about the course. Last year it played very dry and fast, and with all the rain we've had it's kind of slowed things down a bit here.

NICLAS FASTH: I was real lucky, I can imagine it's quite different. I think the course is fantastic, and also it's holding up really good, despite all the rain. So I think it's a good course for us to play. And it's playing longer than it would have, I guess. And the rough is obviously thicker and more lush, which really affects play a lot, because you miss the fairway -- if you can hit the fairway you're really rewarded. And you won't have too long to the green. Which means it is, like you've all seen with David here, it's quite possible to shoot a low score. You really have to make the score.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through your round, birdie on 8.

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, 8-iron to a foot.


NICLAS FASTH: 9-iron to three feet.

13, I hit the green in two, with a 3-iron for the second shot and 2-putted.

16, was a 9-iron to 3 feet.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you.

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