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January 16, 2013

Jerzy Janowicz


J. JANOWICZ/S. Devvarman
6‑7, 3‑6, 6‑0, 6‑1, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You obviously learned a lot last year in your tennis.テつ What did you learn today?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ What I learn today?テつ Most important is you have to fight for every single ball till the end.テつ I was losing already 2‑Love and I was keep on fighting.
That's the lesson for me, to fight for every single ball.

Q.テつ Have you come back down 2‑Love before?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, this is my first time.

Q.テつ Is this a better win than the win against Gulbis in Wimbledon?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ You know, every win is really nice.テつ But if you are losing 2‑Love and you are coming back, that's giving you a little bit more confidence.テつ So there's the difference.
It's always nice to win.テつ But I think the score doesn't really matter.テつ But I hope this gave me some kind of confidence.テつ I hope I will be able to win again that kind of match.

Q.テつ What exactly frustrated you out there on court?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Mostly only first set because the umpires, they're making so many mistakes.テつ One of the most important mistake was set point in this tiebreak, 9‑8.テつ Was shanked forehand from Devvarman.テつ The ball was really slow.テつ It was clean out.テつ I was already happy.テつ I was already shouting, C'mon.テつ But the referees didn't say anything.
This was the moment when I went nuts.テつ Otherwise the rest of the match I was pretty calm.

Q.テつ Do you have any regrets about the things you did on the court in terms of when you went nuts?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Well, sometimes happens like this.テつ You can't control your emotions all the time.テつ This was really big point for me.テつ We played this set for more than 1 hour, 10 minutes, so this was really important point for me.
Actually, I went nuts.テつ I calmed down little bit later on.テつ Sometimes I have problem to control my emotions, but I'm trying to work on this.

Q.テつ What exactly did you do to calm yourself down and come back to win that match?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't really know.テつ I was all the time trying to be focused.テつ I was all the time telling myself to fight for every single ball.テつ And somehow I just relaxed.テつ I have no explanation why.

Q.テつ Have you gone as nuts as that in a match before?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Yeah (smiling).

Q.テつ Have you hit the umpire's chair before?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Maybe (smiling).

Q.テつ Do you expect to get in trouble for that?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, no.テつ I got warning only because I was shouting.テつ I didn't say anything bad.テつ I was only shouting, so this was the problem.テつ Because umpire told me I got a warning because I was shouting.テつ They play some matches around us, so this was the problem.
I didn't say anything bad, so I hope I not have to pay.

Q.テつ What about at the end?テつ You were very animated.テつ Somebody gave you flowers.テつ Has that ever happened before?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Yes, some girls, they gave me flowers.テつ This was first time.テつ Never, never happen to me before.

Q.テつ You haven't played this tournament before. テつWas it a question of not having the financial resources to get to Australia in the past?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Yeah.テつ Actually I played 2010 quallies, qualifications.テつ So, I mean, last year I couldn't come here because of money.テつ Now I think I have little bit better situation because I have already a sponsor.
So is much, much easier for me mentally to play this Australian Open because I didn't have to worry about money anymore.

Q.テつ Where were you this time last year?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I played futures, 10,000, in England.

Q.テつ Quite a big change from last year to this.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Small one (smiling).

Q.テつ You said it was a money thing.テつ How much money did you make the previous year, or not make?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ How much money I make?

Q. テつIn 2011.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I think you can check this.テつ During 2011, yeah?テつ I don't know.テつ You have to check this on ATP page.

Q.テつ But not enough that you could afford to come here.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, of course not.テつ At that time I was ranked 220, so there's not really ranking to make some money.テつ And in Poland we don't have too many opportunities to get money from sponsors.
I was struggling a little bit, so that's why I didn't play last year.

Q.テつ All of a sudden you are making money and have sponsors.テつ Has this changed you, your life?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ This changed my life, but this not change me.テつ I'm all the time same crazy person, and I hope is going to be all the time the same.
But, I mean, yeah, in life you change a lot.テつ Now I don't have to worry about my trips.テつ I can buy easily business class for me for that kind of trip like to Australia.テつ Now I don't have to worry about money for my coach.
So it's much easier for me to play tennis now.

Q.テつ Did you enjoy playing out there on court today?テつ What was your experience with the Australian crowd?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I would say Polish crowd mostly (smiling).
Yeah, it was really nice atmosphere today.テつ Polish people, they were helping me all the time.テつ Even when I was losing 2‑Love, they didn't stop.テつ They were all the time cheering for me.
So it's always helpful, and it's nice to play like this.

Q.テつ Did you surprise yourself?テつ Given what happened at the end of the first set and then you lost the second quite easily, it looked like you were gone.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, I'm really strange person, and anyway always I'm fighting till the end.テつ Even when I'm going nuts sometimes, I'm always trying to win no matter what.
If I surprise myself?テつ Yeah, maybe, because it never happen to me before.テつ I was never losing two sets to love, so this is some kind of surprise for me.

Q.テつ You play Nicolas Almagro next.テつ Do you know much about him?テつ What are your thoughts?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, I never play against Nicolas Almagro, but I know him pretty well because I was watching a lot of his matches in TV.テつ So I know what I can expect from him.テつ He's really, really good player.テつ He's extremely, extremely solid player.テつ He has unbelievable groundstrokes from baseline.
So this is not easy match for me, but I will try my best, and for sure I will fight for every single point.

Q.テつ Since Bercy, have you felt sometimes the media attention was too much around you?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Yeah, especially in Poland.テつ First week after Bercy, I was going from TV show to some other TV show.テつ I didn't have really free time for myself.
So this week was really not easy for me.テつ But, you know, you have to cooperate sometimes with media, yeah.テつ But always if there's something too much, it's not nice.
I was able to handle this.

Q.テつ What is the strangest thing you read about yourself since Bercy?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Honestly saying I'm not reading any articles about myself.テつ I cannot answer for this question.

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