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May 26, 2005

Marten Olander


Q. That was a great start.

MARTEN OLANDER: Yeah, solid game plan. I hit the ball good off the tee and I never really put myself in any trouble. I used the par 5s on the back nine, obviously. Just felt very confident. I've been working with my coach this week, Steven Olmak (ph), from Dallas, Texas.

Q. How long have you been working with him?

MARTEN OLANDER: Four years. He came Tuesday, and after seven minutes, I felt like a much better golfer.

Q. How has he managed to turn it around?

MARTEN OLANDER: Just having someone take another look at you. I sometimes make it a little complicated for myself, and he is a very objective guy. We have a goal we're working towards, and he can help me get in that direction.

Q. Obviously did the trick today.

MARTEN OLANDER: Yeah, it did. Plus the course suits me well, and I'm quite long with the 3 wood and the 2 iron. So I can feel quite confident and aggressive off every tee pretty much.

Q. I few of the guys earlier were saying it's the type of course that you have to really plot your way around the course; does that play to your strength?

MARTEN OLANDER: Yeah, at times. Today it did. It's a new day tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

Q. How did you find the greens?

MARTEN OLANDER: It's poa annua, and poa annua is always difficult when you have a lot of people walking on it.

The greens, they are the defense on this golf course. I love this golf course, so it's fun to be out here.

Q. How have your previous experiences at this course been? What's your previous record been?

MARTEN OLANDER: Quite pleasant. Never a Top 10 finish, but maybe finished 25th one year, and last year, a bit back, but I feel like this is a course that suits me well. I'm glad to be able to put a good score together.

Q. Obviously looking to build on that over the next three days?

MARTEN OLANDER: Yeah, over the next couple weeks, we have a great summer ahead of us.

Q. How has your season been so far?

MARTEN OLANDER: Up and down. Started off quite good. Get the rust out of the game, and then my sister got married in South Africa in Easter, and since then I've been gone.

I think it's coming back together. It's a long season. You always have to be patient.

Q. How did you make the last couple of birdies?

MARTEN OLANDER: Yeah, 17, 2 iron, and then I hit it just over the green on the last and chipped up.

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