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January 20, 2013

Ekaterina Makarova


7‑5, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ On television today the commentator said you were playing the best tennis of your life.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Well, last year when I beat Serena, they asked me the same question.テつ So I think I played already a lot of matches with this tennis.テつ I really happy that I beat Kerber today because I lost three times last year against her.
So, yeah, I really glad about my match.テつ It was, I think, perfect.テつ Not all the match perfect, but most of the match.
I really enjoyed today.

Q.テつ What can you say about playing Maria in the next round?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ I lost her quarters last year, so I think it's really interesting.テつ I really want to play against her.
During last year we played lot of times, and I never beat her.テつ So I'm really interesting to play against her.テつ She's in a good form now, in a good shape.
I hope I show my good tennis again.

Q.テつ Are you friendly with her?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ It's tough question because she's living in America and I'm in Russia, so we didn't meet a lot of times.
But, yeah, we say hi and some few words.

Q.テつ What gives you confidence that you'll be able to give her a good challenge?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ I think I'm in a good shape.テつ I played like three matches, yeah, and it was really tough match against Bartoli, long one.
So this one I think gives me a lot and it helps me today.

Q.テつ You've had lots of success in Australia.テつ What do you put that down to?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ I don't know why, but I'm so comfortable to be here, so enjoying the city, stadium, everything.
I don't know, maybe it's the beginning of the year and you a little bit like want to play.テつ You rest couple months.テつ I'm so happy.テつ I'm enjoying to be here.

Q.テつ Last year you came here you were playing very badly, right, in the fall?テつ I think you lost five or six first rounds before Australia last year.

Q.テつ Then you started playing well here.テつ Is it different coming this year; you're a little more confident starting the year?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Like it was two years ago I lost before last Australian Open, not this one.テつ I think the last year was really good.

Q.テつ What is it like knowing you're coming up against an opponent who has been just almost breezing past the people she's played so far in the tournament?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ You're asking about Sharapova?

Q.テつ Yeah.テつ She's winning her games so easily, seemingly easily.テつ What is it like coming up against her?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Well, she is the player like that.テつ She won a lot of matches easily because she is playing so aggressive, staying into the court.
I have some plan against her.テつ We played a lot of times so we know each other.テつ I think we'll be a good match and I try to show my best tennis.

Q.テつ Are you confident you can destruct her?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Yeah, I really interested and exciting to play this year against her.

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