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January 29, 2013

Greg Chalmers

Tom Hospel

Rory Sabbatini

William Winkenwerder


DOUG MILNE:  Good afternoon, everybody.  My name is Doug Milne.  I'm with the PGA TOUR communications department.  We're pleased to welcome you here today to announce the PGA TOUR's partnership with Visionworks.  Here with us today we have Rob Ohno, senior vice president of corporate marketing for the PGA TOUR; Dr.William Winkenwerder, president and CEO of HighMark; Tom Hospel, program administer for the PGA TOUR's player health and fitness players program; and PGA TOUR players Rory Sabbatini and Greg Chalmers.
ROB OHNO:  Today we're really excited to announce Visionworks' sponsorship with the PGA TOUR.  Visionworks is a subsidiary of HVHC, Inc., which is a HighMark company.  Visionworks is a national brand and company that specializes in providing prescription eye care services, and each of its stores has leading technologies in vision correction.  Visionworks has joined the PGA TOUR family today and is the official eyewear retailer of the PGA TOUR and the Champions Tour, and the Visionworks brand will be prominently featured on the Tour players health and fitness trailer program.
And with that, I'd like to introduce Dr.William Winkenwerder, Jr., to talk a little bit more about Visionworks.
WILLIAM WINKENWERDER:  Good afternoon, everybody.  It's a pleasure for me to be here today on behalf of HighMark and Visionworks to announce our official sponsorship of the PGA TOUR here at the Waste Management Phoenix Open this week.  I'd also like to thank David Holmberg, president and CEO of HVHC, and Visionworks president Jim Eisen who are here today, appreciate your leadership and your work to make this great partnership happen.
HighMark is a diversified national health and wellness company, and we're really proud to have Visionworks as one of our partners and one of our companies in the HighMark family.
HighMark and Visionworks both strive to make a strong impact on the local communities and people that we serve.  As you know, a goal of this tournament is to raise awareness and support for such activities and charities as the Audubon Arizona, Phoenix Children's Hospital and the Special Olympics of Arizona.
Although Visionworks is a national company based in San Antonio, we're proud of our reputation for actively engaging important activities and events in the communities where we do business, and that includes both Phoenix and the Scottsdale area.
We have recently rebranded 17 Visionworks stores from the former Eye Masters name here in the greater Phoenix area and will continue to rebrand our entire family of stores to the Visionworks name nationwide by the end of 2013.
What you may not know is that Visionworks is a leading provider of eye care services with nearly 600 retail stores across the United States.  Visionworks associates are committed to providing our customers with an excellent shopping experience and high quality products and service with the best value and selection in the industry.
The real reason we're here today, however, is to formally announce our sponsorship of the PGA TOUR player health and fitness program.¬† Each PGA TOUR and Champions Tour tournament will now showcase these two Visionworks‑branded trailers, one dedicated for fitness and the other for physical therapy.¬† This program is vital to the success of many professional golfers, and I think we'll hear about that shortly.¬† It's quite a concept, and I hope you'll take time to check them out.
I'm sure David and Jim will agree with me in saying we are excited to be on‑site with the PGA TOUR here at the Waste Management Phoenix Open as our company demonstrates its commitment to the health and well being of the world's elite professional golfers.
Visionworks, like its parent company HighMark, does a lot of outreach, and you can count on us to always give back to the communities that we serve by finding ways to help those in need.
Our vision companies are especially concerned about helping adults and children who need vision assistance, to which they may not have access.  We're doing screenings here at this event and we'll be doing them at events throughout the coming year.
So Visionworks is a lot more than just selling people glasses.  At Visionworks we believe that the right glasses will improve a person's confidence, as well.  Our opticians, doctors of optometry and lab technicians ensure customers leave our store with more than just a pair of glasses, they ensure that a person leaves being a better you is the way we describe it, that you feel better about yourself because you can see well and you can really participate better in the world around you.
I'm proud of what our Visionworks stores deliver to our customers.  Our selection, our service and our value are second to none in the optical industry.  In other words, we have the most frames, the best people, and the right prices.  We look forward to our new relationship with the PGA TOUR and are proud to join the other sponsors and volunteers in support of this terrific effort.
We now hope you'll take an opportunity to check out our Visionworks player health and fitness trailers, and we're sure that they'll provide a tremendous service to the golfers at this event and other PGA TOUR stops.  So thanks again, have a great week, and Rob, thank you for the relationship that we've begun to establish here.  We look forward to working with you, we look forward to a great relationship we have with Rory and Rod Pampling and others, so thank you very much.
ROB OHNO:  Thank you, Dr.Winkenwerder.  I'd like to introduce Dr.Tom Hospel, program administrator for the PGA TOUR player health and fitness trailer program, and he manages a fabulous team of physical therapists and personal trainers that work with our players each and every week.  Dr.Hospel?
TOM HOSPEL:  Thank you, Rob, and I'd like to welcome and I'm really excited to have Dr.Winkenwerder and his staff of Visionworks with us on the PGA TOUR.  I believe that this will be a great benefit to our program.
Brief history on the program:  In 1985 we started with the health and wellness fitness program under the leadership of Commissioner Beman and Dr.Frank Jobe, and since 1985, our services continue to grow, and it has become a very vital component of what the players do here from week to week.
I'm really excited to represent those players here today.  Strength and conditioning, wellness, therapy is very important in what the players do from week to week.  We try to help them improve their game, we try to help them prevent injuries, and we really try to promote wellness on the PGA TOUR.
Having the Visionworks team with us, I believe there will be an additional component of really stressing the importance of eye health and potentially even the component of improving golf performance through visual capabilities and performance that way.  And so we're really excited to have the team from Visionworks and Dr.Winkenwerder with us here today.
ROB OHNO:  Thanks, Dr.Hospel.  Appreciate that.  We're also fortunate to have a couple of our PGA TOUR players here.  First I'd like to have PGA TOUR player Rory Sabbatini talk a little bit about why he's partnered with Visionworks and how health and fitness play a role in his game.
RORY SABBATINI:¬† Well, obviously I think anybody that's in this room understands obviously golf is a tough game.¬† It's tough on the body, and longevity is something that we all strive for out here.¬† To have the facility that Visionworks and HighMark have provided with regards to the fitness trailer and the physical fitness trailers are definitely‑‑ I know they rate No.1 with regards to importance for players each and every year on TOUR out here.¬† It's these facilities that provide us the opportunity to continue to play at the high performance that we do, to keep ourselves healthy, and also provide us the opportunity to get ourselves into better physical shape out there.
Obviously the game is getting younger and guys are getting fitter and stronger, and that's become more of a key importance for everyone out here on TOUR.
Last but not least, vision is something that's very important to every player on TOUR.  Our vision is really what helps us perform at high levels.  Being able to not only use the vision that you create in your mind out there but also your physical vision, being able to see exactly what you want to do, is of key importance.  Having that opportunity to have that facility and that opportunity to improve our vision and to maintain it is something of definite importance out here.  I know I've had my struggles with health issues, and I know how important eyes are to our game.
I look forward to the players and their families being able to use this opportunity to continue to improve their lives and to benefit from it.  Thank you.
ROB OHNO:  We're fortunate also to have Greg Chalmers here, who's a regular user of the health and fitness trailers, and wanted to introduce Greg and have him say a few words.
GREG CHALMERS:¬† Sure.¬† Thanks for that.¬† I would say that I'm probably a great example of why we really need the Visionworks trailers and the physiotherapy trailers.¬† I go in twice a day.¬† I have some chronic issues that like most golfersI'm not really ‑‑ I've got one leg shorter than the other and all sorts of things that I need to get looked at. ¬†What I love about them the most is A, the staff and the hours that they work; they work incredibly long hours from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on tournament days; and I love that you can go in there and get the same service week after week.¬† You know who you're going to see.¬† No one wants to see a different doctor every day of your life, so you get to go in there and see the same guys.¬† And you can get anything fixed from a blister to I've had X‑rays and MRIs referred onward from there.¬† So you can an awful lot done to help you stay in the game longer, which it's certainly done for me, and actually gets me on the tee on Thursday sometimes.
It ticks the box for me for the most important, I guess, what I want to call a perk that we get on the PGA TOUR.  It really is fantastic.  Thank you.
DOUG MILNE:  Rory, Greg, thanks, and Doctors, thank you.  We encourage you guys to stop by one of the trailers at the top of the hill outside the media center every day of the week, and we welcome you to stop by any time and check out what we're talking about.

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